200 hour hatha yoga teacher training

hatha yoga mysore is offering a 200 hour level yoga teacher training course starting from february 10th 2010 to march 8th 2010.

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Hatha yoga mysore is offering a comprehensive 200 hour level yoga teacher training in asana,pranayama,mudra,bandha,diet/nutrition, bhagavad gita/yoga sutras and anatomy.training starts 10th of february 2010 and ends 8th march 2010.training is imparted by well experienced

'hatha yoga teacher' training in mysore.

We impart teacher training in the following areas.Equal importance is give to the practice of all the points given below

The teacher training in yoga and meditation involves

Asana,pranayama,mudra,bandha(120 hours)
1.The four points of yoga
. (asanas)-how to maintain a steady posture
. (pranayama)-control of the life force or prana through breathing techniques
. diet(vegetarian)-how a vegetarian diet will help an yogi to lead an austere life)
. reaxation techniques-why and when relaxation is needed between asanas and pranayama

2.introduction to the teaching of asanas and pranayama
the basic structure of a hathayoga class
setting a proper environment for the class
general pointers on teaching a yoga class
3.Teaching a beginners Hathayoga course in 8 classes
4.Teaching a beginners Hathayoga course in 4 classes
6.Prepatory exercises
7.Yogic breathing
8.The 13 basic asanas
9.The 2 basic pranayamas
12.advanced pranayama
13.Meditation postures

Diet and Nutritition(10 hours)

Anatomy(10 hours)
introduction to body systems
difference between yoga exercise and physical culture
the cardiovascular system
the respiratory system
the digestive system
the skeletal system
the musclar system

Bhagavad Gita Chanting(10 hours)
1.introduction to bhagavad gita
2.important chapters and verses of the bhagavad gita
3.chanting of important verses

Yoga philosophy(10 hours)
1. Yoga sutras of patanjali
2. Vedanta philosphy

Meditation(30 hours)
1.introduction to meditations.
2.therapies and meditation
3.the science of meditation
4.general pointers to teach meditation techniques.
5.experience and experiment with Meditations such as
Chakra breathing
Chakra sounds
3 Relaxation Techniques

The certification is provided from Hatha yoga Mysore as per the course norms and details.

Course material
The course material provide will be
1.Asana,pranayama,mudra,bandha by swami satyananda saraswati
2.Anatomy of hatha yoga
3.The complete book of diet and nutrition
4.Bhagavad gita chanting and the yoga sutras of patanjali

Course Prerequisites

The Teachers' Training Course is a challenging four-week experience, demanding discipline and perseverance. A basic knowledge of yoga postures and philosophy is helpful but not essential. A sincere desire to learn and openness to the teachings of yoga is required.

The price for a structured 200 hour yoga teacher training is 700 US$ only( includes accomodation only).