Lyvon Davis Investments In Your Health Blog Teaches Others How to Cook Healthier

Lyvon Davis, a self-professed health nut, announces the publication of her new blog. Lyvon Davis: Investments in Your Health aims to assist readers with healthy eating and living.

Online PR News – 08-May-2009 – – Lyvon Davis, a self described health nut, announces that she is writing a new food blog. 'Lyvon Davis Investments In Your Health' was launched in late April and aims to help people live healthily and make positive food choices.

Davis grew up working in her family's restaurant and watched patron after patron come in and order biscuits and gravy, corned beef hash, fried chicken and many other fat and calorie-laden foods. Because Lyvon Davis was the consignee for the restaurant, she saw first hand how terrible the foods were for the customer's and her family's health. After her mother died from a heart attack at age 63, Davis knew she had to take action.

"Americans are killing themselves with food. Too many people consider a meal of fried chicken or a burger and French fries a staple of their diets, instead of the seldom eaten treat it should be. Eating these kinds of food leads to sluggishness and causes many people to feel run down. They're tired, but they don't know it's the food they eat that's causing them to be exhausted," says Davis ( "Eliminating fried, fatty and carb-laden foods goes a long way towards feeling better, but it's not easy. That's where my blog comes in - I want to show people easy ways to improve their diets."

Recent blog posts have centered around how to sneak vegetables into a child's diet, while avoiding choruses of 'I don't like it' and how to replace carb-heavy and high fat foods with healthy alternatives. Some examples are utilizing healthier cooking methods, such as grilling or baking over frying, choosing healthier meats like ground turkey breast and fish and picking low fat desserts like frozen yogurt or fruit when a sweet craving takes over. Tips for getting children to eat vegetables are pureeing vegetables like cauliflower or sweet potato into spaghetti sauce, creating fun animals of funny faces out of vegetables and always offering vegetables at meals.

"Parents are sometimes surprised when it comes to their children eating vegetables. They're sometimes amazed after their kids have spent a meal with another family and are told they ate every vegetable. Try to offer vegetables at every meal - you may be shocked one day when your child picks up that broccoli floret," said Lyvon Davis.

About Lyvon Davis: Lyvon Davis is a self-professed health nut, who is making it her life work to promote healthy living in others. Her new blog 'Lyvon Davis: Investments in Health' gives readers tips and tricks on how to improve their diet and their lives.

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