Uncertainty over delivery prompts South East Labels to make the change to electronic media

South East Labels has fast-tracked their system upgrade from hard copy to electronic media.

Online PR News – 26-November-2009 – – With the current uncertainty in the United Kingdom over the future of the postal service and delivery of crucial documents in the lead-up to the festive season, South East Labels has fast-tracked their system upgrade from hard copy to electronic media. Due to the Royal Mail strikes over the past few months, South East Labels decided to introduce the already anticipated change a little earlier than initially scheduled. Instead of sending the hard copy invoices for printing products and labels via the post, the company has instead opted to e-mail all correspondence and attachments.

Despite news that the postal strikes have been called off for the time being, until at least the New Year according to Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union, the issue still remains sensitive. This "period of calm", as dubbed by TUC general secretary Brendan Barber, is envisaged to provide time for the two sides to conduct fresh talks and reach a long-term deal, all whilst allowing for a disruption-free service during the peak Christmas period. The aim of the industrial action is to try and compensate for a 10% drop in letter volume and the influx of private mail operators who offer a service but rely on Royal Mail deliveries. Two rounds of strike action have already been held, which led to an estimated backlog of 35 million letters, however the postponement of the third has failed to deliver a definite resolution for the issue, instead many individuals and businesses are left with an uncertain situation as the stalemate has ultimately resulted in more questions than answers.

South East Labels, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of labels, barcodes, and printers, has been prompted by this situation to make the change to electronic communication to ensure the fast turnaround time and continuity of supply that has been required by their customers for over 20 years. South East Labels specialises in virtually all office needs: from the inkjet, laser, or thermal labels themselves, to the means required to make the labelling products, such as Toshiba Printers and Primera Digital Printers. The move to deliver invoices and other statements electronically will have benefits that reach beyond the current postal strikes. E-mail correspondence will contribute to lowering the company's overall overhead, which translates as savings for South East Labels customers as low product prices can be feasibly maintained for the future. Reducing the amount of hard copy correspondence will furthermore have a positive environmental effect, as a more eco-friendly communication option is pursued.

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