brings Affordability to Barware Items
11/25/2009 recently reduced prices on barware items to the point where many can be purchased for less than one-dollar. This price reduction will allow bar and restaurant owners to reduce the cost of opening and maintaining an establishment in tough economic times.

Online PR News – 25-November-2009 – – MIAMI, FL ( Onlineprnews ) November 25, 2009 -, a company that prides itself on having the lowest possible prices for drinkware items, is now offering barware glasses for less than a dollar a piece. Those opening a bar or restaurant can attest to the mounting costs barware items add to your start-up and overhead. That's why ( has further reduced its prices to allow for select glassware items to be purchased for less than a dollar per glass. Of course, these prices are contingent upon purchasing a certain amount of glasses, but for most restaurant and bar owners they will pay less than a dollar for these glasses. is offering a dozen different glasses for less than a dollar including classic items like pint glasses to more exotic glassware items like mixing cooler glasses. These items also offer customization which will increase their costs, but many items will still remain under one-dollar after custom printing.

One of the more popular affordable barware glasses is the classic pint glass which is standard in most bars and restaurants. This sixteen-ounce glass is used to serve beer and more specifically darker beer and ale. Many patrons ask for a "pint of beer", which requires a pint glass to be served correctly. This conical shaped glass is an important part of any barware collection and is especially sought-after at prices as low as 62-cents per glass. Another fact about this glass that is making it more and more popular among consumers is that even with customization in the form of imprinted logos and custom color-schemes the product remains under one-dollar per glass at certain quantities purchased.

Even larger glasses at twenty-ounces are available for under one-dollar a piece. These large glasses are often used as mixing glasses at bars or restaurants to make cocktails. Twenty-ounce glasses can also be used to serve larger quantities of water and other non-alcoholic beverages. The 20 oz. ARC Distinction Pint Glass is being offered at ( for less than one-dollar. This mixing glass stands at nearly seven-inches tall and has angular designs in the form of vertical panels. These designs are meant to be both aesthetically pleasing and improve gripping.

The most affordable barware item is the 15.5 oz. Herradura Cooler-Mixing Glass which holds just half-and-ounce less than the average pint glass. This glassware item has a classic pint glass shape but only comes in a clear design. Custom printed logos are available for this product but if one chooses to purchase it blank, they can find prices as low as 53-cents per glass. This item is considered a pint glass but can be used to serve water and non-alcoholic beverages as well.

At these prices, bar and restaurant owners can reduce their start-up and overhead costs and be able to turn a profit sooner than later. has many other promotional items available for less than one-dollar. Keep in mind that prices change but at the time research was conducted for these products the pricing was accurate. is a company registered with Better Business Bureau and validated with Trustwave's Trusted Commerce Program.

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