Nokia Mobile Phones – Nokia N900 Ready for Long-Awaited Release

The impending release of the Nokia N900 brings its latest device to the forefront of mobile computing. Built for extreme speed and outstanding performance.

Online PR News – 25-November-2009 – – It would be hard not to notice the impending release of the Nokia N900. Many would agree that the Nokia N900 is one of the most discussed and long-awaited handsets left to hit the mobile phone market in 2009. Nokia’s latest tablet phone contains all the power of a mobile computer complete with the functionality that makes a significant improvement on the Nokia N97.

The look and feel of the phone will surprise users who fear that its style remains chunky and uncompromising. The phone slides out with its QWERTY keyboard in a traditional manner and its expansive 3.5” touch screen gives the phone a rather more industrial feel to its Nokia N97 ( and Nokia N97 Mini ( predecessors.

Nevertheless, consumers will be able to forgo its rigid and bland design misgivings upon the use of its Maemo 5 operating system – Nokia’s Linux-based operating system that attempts to bring its consumers into the new era of mobile computing. The flexibility and speed of applications is favourable against all other Nokia mobile phones ( and makes so much more sense than hauling around a netbook on the move.

With built-in HSPA and WLAN connections, users will be able to activate and browse the internet just as quick, if not quicker, than on a netbook via a 3G dongle. Powered by Mozilla technology – the pioneers behind the successful Firefox web browser – users can be assured of a smooth web experience.

As you would expect with an innovative mobile computer, the Nokia N900 synchronises seamlessly with multiple e-mail accounts and sending e-mails is easier than ever before with the full QWERTY keyboard.

The power and reliability of the Nokia N900 blows all other Nokia mobile phones ( out of the water, with multi-tasking a breeze allowing you to switch between applications without slowing down or enduring any lag.

Built for extreme speed and outstanding performance, the Nokia N900 will pleasantly surprise the market looking for a fresh and exciting mobile computing product.

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