Root Law Group Reports about Immigration Reform and the U.S. Census

Immigration Reform is set to take on new importance with the upcoming U.S. population census.

Online PR News – 25-November-2009 – – Los Angeles, CA ( Onlineprnews ) November 25, 2009 - Immigration Reform is set to take on new importance with the upcoming U.S. population census. The census is designed to count and collect data regarding every person in the United States for a variety of purposes. The census is mandated by the United States Constitution to occur every ten years. Every city is required to comply and assist with the official United States Census data collection process despite any budgetary problems they may be having. Local authorities will make a diligent effort to collect accurate census data even though many citizens have become homeless or displaced by their own financial hardships.

The controversy surrounding the census has already begun. Some Republican Senators have already tried to add questions regarding citizenship and immigration status to the census. They are hoping to eliminate any aid to undocumented individuals. In the meantime, many Immigration-friendly groups have called for a boycott of the census and want Congress to legalize undocumented immigration before the census starts in April of 2010. They hope that a boycott of the census will provide the Hispanic community a growing political leverage.

At stake in the Census is billions of dollars in Government funds, proper allocation of congressional representatives to each district, and a general account of the ethnicities, income, education and overall count of people living in the United States. It is difficult to see how the Census will affect the possibility of Immigration Reform legislation passing next year. It will certainly add fire to the topic that seems to have alluded Osama his first year in office. It is doubtful that things will continue the way they are, considering both sides of the debate demand immediate action on the issue of undocumented foreign nationals.

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