Announces ‘Get Free Training For The Career Of Your Dreams’ US Navy Report

Navy job and careers website,, has announced the launch of a brand new report titled ‘Get Free Training For the Career Of Your Dreams’. The report discusses the opportunities for excellent training the US Navy provides.

Online PR News – 24-November-2009 – – LA QUINTA, CA – Reputed Navy careers website, has released a brand new report titled ‘Get Free Training For The Career Of Your Dreams’. The report highlights the excellent opportunities for training available to those considering a career in the US Navy.

In the current economic climate, it is crucial to select a career path that is not only well paying, but also offers opportunities for growth, is a stable employer, and provides additional benefits as well. A career in the Navy is a perfect combination of all these factors and is well suited to individuals with various types of skills.

The complete report is available online at:

Higher education is becoming unaffordable for a number of students and many prefer not being bogged down with student loans. In such circumstances, the report suggests considering the Armed Services Vocational Battery (ASVAB) and possible scholarships and sign-on bonuses. The USPS Navy uses the ASVAB as an assessment tool to help job seekers and students identify a Navy job that suits their interests, natural aptitude, and capabilities. Once an individual takes the ASVAB, an experienced Navy recruiter will help them identify the various Navy opportunities available to them.

“The Navy offers students a number of opportunities to pursue higher education and then move on to a career suited to their natural aptitudes, interests, and abilities. Students can avoid hefty student loan repayments and instead make the most of an ASVAB scholarship that will help them gain an education as well as establish a career path for themselves,” says Larry Fowler of

Contrary to popular belief, jobs in the Navy are not limited to combat and the US Navy requires a number of different skills in order to keep functioning. From butchers and pilots to engineers and clerks, there is room for every kind of skill in the Navy. Not many organizations are able to promise a good career in addition to a scholarship for higher education, but the US Navy can and students should make the most of this opportunity to gain world class knowledge, training, and experience at one of USA's most respected organizations.

“There is a plethora of opportunities available to job seekers and there has never been a better time to make the most of them. From job satisfaction to above par pay; from financial stability to job benefits, a US Navy career offers it all,” concludes Fowler.

The report is written by Chris Harmen, an experienced writer who has contributed several articles and to US Army and Navy websites.

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