Internet age delivers Christmas mail Santa‘s Post Office

What do your children want to get for Christmas? Internet age offers a simple way to find that out - Santa‘s virtual Post Office. A free of charge Internet site is a handy tool for all parents.

Online PR News – 24-November-2009 – – Every year Santa Claus gets billions letters from children. In their letters kids write how good they were last year and how much they deserve to get new presents. Children hope that Santa will arrive at their house or will jump in through the chimney and will leave most wished presents. What is the most tactful way to know your kid's Christmas wish?

Santa’s postmen (parents) help Santa to make presents for particular kids. Therefore they use different ways to find out what children want to get for Christmas. A very trustworthy way is so called virtual Santa’s Post Office at Why should Santa’s postmen use this Internet site? Firstly, it is simple! Secondly, there is no need to enter any personal data, just an email address. Above all, Santa’s Post Office works quickly. Postmen’s duty is to deliver letters to Santa and bring the answers back to children. Despite their duties at work parents can find a free moment to write back an answer to a child, who will read Santa’s mail at his home computer.

The only thing parents have to do is sign up at Later on they should show the website of Santa’s to their children. Every child can easily use this internet site to get in touch with Santa.

Many other Internet sites are either based on „auto-reply“ answers from Santa, or users have to order a letter from Santa Clause. Santa's Post Office gives the child an opportunity to keep the dialogue with Santa and send him as many letters as he wishes. By the way, Santa's Post Office is free of charge.

Accurate estimates as to how many letters Santa receives each year are hard to come by. One of the reasons is that letters addressed to Santa end up at various places on the globe.

Probably every child sends a mail to Santa at least once in his life. Last year children from various countries have sent over a million letters using virtual Santa’s Post Office.

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