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Parker Worldwides Business development program nurtures, trains and stimulates from within our market place to a first class level.

Online PR News – 25-November-2009 – – Parker Worldwide understand that marketing matters more than ever today, yet not as it is in the UK. Marketing must be more intelligent to make sense of the complexity and more imaginative to stand from the crowd, to drive business outside in, as well as inside out, to do business on the customers term and grow profitably, to create more value for customers and employees, by delivering today and creating for tomorrow at the same time. To accomplish this Parker Worldwide need a champion team. Our Business development program nurtures, trains and stimulates from within our market place to a first class level.

Employees today want more than just a job that pays a salary. They used to tolerate menial tasks, in a sterile environment, where their whole role would not change over time, and as long as they got paid they did not care about the wider organisation or its customers and clients. They now expect a more fulfilling role, better environment, and benefits beyond payment, they expect a fulfilling role, personal rewards, to learn and progress, care passionately about their customers, team members and clients, they want to influence their organization and be proud of it, above all they want to succeed.

Employees want an environment that combines discipline and creativity to unleash innovation in every day and every team member. Parker Worldwide create difference and engage people in a world where it often seems that all the best opportunities have already been taken. Parker Worldwide provide our team with a proven and successful Business development program to create opportunities with in the sales and marketing industry.

Like great athletes our business development team require some basic talent, however like those athletes who have gone on to win medals, and compared with many others who have ended up by the wayside, we realise that talent must be nurtured and directed, stimulated and stretched. Our business development team is the same way, evolving out of experience's of the workplace and the market place of sales and marketing industry, along with intense specialised coaching and training.

Our team members all share one main thing in common, the desire for high performance, to do a better job than the rest, a passion to do better and be different. Inspiration and dedication. Parker Worldwide provide training, experience and an opportunity for those who want to do better and be different from others, and to deliver extraordinary results. This attitude within our management and teams, is what allows us to expand and continue to grow across the UK. Parker Worldwide delivering today and creating for tomorrow at the same time for our clients, customers and team members.
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Parker Worldwide Ltd are a Direct Sales & Marketing company. Our Marketing styles are truly unique & allow us to work with some of the top-tier clients, represent some of the world’s most recognized brands, covering many different industries. We achieve success in meeting our clients’ customer acquisition goals by creating a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive environment - making Parker Worldwide a win-win situation for clients and employees alike.
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