Panamanian Firm Offers Investors Managed Forex Accounts

New Investment Opportunities Attracting Investors To Do Business With Firms In Central America's Financial Hub

Online PR News – 24-November-2009 – – Panama City, Panama November 23, 2009 -

Consumers looking for investment vehicles which offer a higher yield than they can find with traditional securities such as mutual funds and CDs are starting to look in what until recently was an unlikely place: Panama. The nation has emerged as a financial center, with an economy which is growing faster than any other in the region and an increasing number of companies in the financial services sector.

Investment firms are among these businesses, with companies such as PanaMoney, which provides managed Forex accounts drawing a lot of interest from both Panamanian and foreign investors. Forex trading itself has been the subject of a lot of buzz as of late, with investors looking to this currency trading market as an alternative to lower-yield investment vehicles. In a climate where the US stock market is especially volatile, managed Forex accounts are starting to look especially attractive to many.

While no investment comes without a degree of risk, Forex trading through managed Forex accounts can mean both higher potential yields as well as spreading the risk among a pool of investors to some extent, in much the same way as a hedge fund does with mutual fund investments. Forex trading is rapidly becoming a popular form of investment, both for investors looking for higher yields and those simply interested in adding something new to their investment mix.

Naturally, it is always a wise decision to perform due diligence before working with any Forex trading firm, but the managed Forex trading system offered by PanaMoney may be a sound addition to a diversified investment portfolio for investors looking for something more profitable than CDs and low-interest bonds. With managed Forex accounts from PanaMoney starting at initial investments of as low as $30, this Panamanian Forex company offers investors a chance to get a feel for the foreign currency exchange market before diving in headlong. With the economy still on shaky ground in many countries, this is a feature certain to appeal to those who have been considering Forex trading to try adding this large global market to their portfolio.

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