New ChinaTrade Database 2010

New complete Database of 500,000 manufacturers and suppliers in China. All you need to know about China’s industry is in this Database.

Online PR News – 24-November-2009 – – Nowadays in business fraternity we find a common belief. It has been approved that a long term profit making business is not possible without Chinese association. So “GlobalContractServices” is all set ready with a “New China Trade Database 2010”. It has covered almost all Chinese manufacturers.

The company claims that buying China products means not only streamlining costs, but helping the business in competing global marketplace as well. It is true that we face lot of confusion while we go for global trade. Undoubtedly overall format of global trade is complex as well as expensive. But, Chinese companies have perfectly understood this scenario. The new database is like an ultimate trade consultancy service for all global trade participants. The company spokesperson has also stated that the database is an array of tools and resources.

If we take an another look we find that “New China Trade Database 2010” is the easiest way to be involved into 900 billion US dollar retailing business. After all, it covers information of more than 50,000 Chinese companies. “GlobalContractServices” claims that information available in its database can not be found on the internet. As per company spokesperson, almost all Chinese manufacturers enlisted in the database are well versed with English language as well. So, language is not going to be a barrier while you plan a trade relation with a Chinese company through this all new database.

The company spokesperson shared few more interesting information:
• The database is segregated into six parts.
• Size of complete directory for directory of automobile, motor and machinery industry is 12MB but downloading archived is of 3.5MB.
• Size of directory for Shoes, watch, bags, toys and sports industry is 9MB and archived is 2.5MB.
• Size of directory for textiles, clothes, fabrics, garments and fashion Industry is 15MB and the size of the archive for downloading is 3.8MB.
• Size of directory for electrical, electronics, computers and digital entertainment industry is 7MB and the size of the zipped file is 1.8MB.
• Size of directory for furniture, decor, household appliances, toys, arts, jewelry, office stationary, security and crafts industry is 9MB and the size of the archived file for download is 2.1MB.
• Size of directory for chemicals, plastics, ceramics, metals, oil industry, foam products and leather industry is 14MB and the size of the zipped file is 5.3MB.

So, does not it have a great potential of creating our own brand? It saves our money along with our precious time as we no longer have to search for the best deals. This is a complete database containing detailed information about Chinese manufacturers that will sell their products at a fair price. No third parties, no retailers, no extra charge. For more information visit: