Realore's new hit for the iPhone!!!

Realore, the leading developer, publisher and distributor of casual games, announced that its popular blockbuster title, Jane's Hotel would be available for the iPhone. Realore will publish Jane's Hotel in cooperation with G5 Entertainment, publisher of casual games for the iPhone. Realore has already created and published numerous well-known projects for such platforms as PC, flash, Mac, Pocket PC, ipTV, Nintendo DS. iPhone is another goal that has been set before the company and achieved by it without any problems.

Online PR News – 24-November-2009 – – The Head of Business Development of Realore, Natalia Matveeva, considers that partnership between two companies will be profitable both for Realore and for G5 Entertaiment. According to Natalia Matveeva, «producing games for the iPhone means a new level of connectivity to players, great ideas and a wide range of new possibilities. iPhone is flavour-of-the-mouth, it is becoming unbelievingly popular. We know what our customers will prefer in next six months therefore we combine one of Realore's best projects (Jane's Hotel), the most popular gaming platform and experience and knowledge of our companies in the field of publishing and distributing in order to offer our customers the product they want to have».

"Jane" series is a very successful franchise which became the best selling casual game on many casual game sites and syndication network. Jane's Hotel is a time management game where players use the touch screen to perform mini-game services for clients. It's a business game that is both relaxing and challenging.

Jane's Hotel has been localized into many languages, so players around the world can relax and enjoy hotel managing experience, have fun and escape from troubles of everyday life.

Realore Studios is a software company that has been creating and publishing casual, on-line games, games for mobiles and entertainment software for other platforms (flash, Mac, Pocket PC, Nintendo DS, iphone) since 2002. Realore Studios has more than 40 most well-known companies as partners.

G5 Entertainment started as the world's leading mobile game development studio, developing games based on popular licenses for Electronic Arts, Disney, and THQ. G5 is now successfully operating as a developer and publisher of casual downloadable games for the iPhone, PC, home portable console.