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Apple Inc has made its name in providing consumer electronics and demonstrating brand strength and recognisability among a variety of computer products.

Online PR News – 24-November-2009 – – Apple Inc has made its name in providing consumer electronics and demonstrating brand strength and recognisability among a variety of computer products. After making a large impact in the music player market with the Apple iPod, Apple entered the growing mobile market. In 2007 Apple entered the mobile market with its now famous iPhone and the product has become synonymous with mobile ubiquity and high end user experience. The mobile market represents a market that continues to grow and offers diverse scope for development of technologies, both on and off the mobile platform. In entering the mobile market Apple has been able to tap in to a new audience that continues to grow and offer high revenue potential. More businesses are finding that in order to continue growth in their business they must enter the mobile platform in order to stay in touch with their audience and remain technologically aware of the changes on the platform which have the potential to affect other forms of content. Apple has responded to this with its own mobile entry and the iPhone demonstrates Apple's commitment to this platform.

The mobile handset is evolving and Apple has recognised this in its contribution to the mobile market. The handset offers mobile users a high standard of user experience, the convergence with the highly successful iPod and user experience on the mobile web further drives the development of the mobile handset and has raised standards and user expectations across the market. The wireless contributions of Apple rest heavily, but not solely with the iPhone. Apple's reach into digital music and computer software has also demonstrated the commitment of Apple to wireless development and these strategies can also be seen to have had an influence on the iPhone.

Apple's contribution to the mobile market is not limited to the handset. Content on the mobile and the mobile web continues to evolve and with it, the activity of the mobile subscriber. Developments on the mobile handset and on mobile content will drive mobile subscribers onto areas of mobile content previously unused and will drive revenue in certain areas. Developments such as those seen on the Apple iPhone will therefore open up new areas of the mobile market as well as expand others that have met with slow beginnings.

It is therefore clear that Apple has had a profound impact on the mobile market. However, Apple is not without its competitors and pitfalls. High end handsets and smartphones continue to enter the market and these will threaten the strength of the iPhone. The Apple strategy has also come under fire in some circumstances and these will be analysed in this report.

Players across the industry will need to monitor and analyse the effects of Apple on the mobile industry as the handset and content from Apple demonstrates the need for high user experience, the changes in the consumer activity on the mobile phone and demonstrates the success of convergence. After only a short time in the mobile market Apple has made a serious impact and is likely to continue to remain a strong and innovative player.

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• What impact has Apple had in the mobile market?
• What is the impact that this will have on mobile subscribers?
• What is the demand of mobile subscribers for high end mobile devices such as the iPhone?
• Who are the main competitors against Apple and the iPhone and what are they doing?
• What impact will these high end phones have on the mobile web and mobile content?

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The impact of Apple and the iPhone will continue through the evolution of the mobile handset. Players in the mobile market continue to be influenced by the iPhone and this demonstrates the impact that the handset has and will continue to have throughout the development of the iPhone. Mobile content and the mobile web has become the platform to monetise and developments with Apple and the iPhone will also continue to influence this.

Why you need to order this report today:
• Brands/Marketers - Discover how Apple and the iPhone have influenced the market and how this can be used to drive brands and best utilise the mobile space. Learn about market issues specifically related to Apple and the iPhone as well as its competitors.
• Mobile Operators - Learn what role there is for mobile operators in the expanding market of high end handsets and smartphones and what strategies are best employed in this area.
• Mobile handset vendors - Discover what mobile subscribers will want from their handsets and what the iPhone and its competitors are providing to the mobile market. Learn about opportunities in this market and how these can be best utilised.
• Mobile content providers - Discover what opportunities exist in the development of the mobile web and content from the iPhone and other high end mobile handset providers.

Who needs to read this report?
Directors, VP and Senior managers in:
• Mobile/Cellular carriers and operators
• Mobile handset manufacturers
• Mobile content providers
• Mobile web players

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