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This new defence report - The Soldier Modernisation Market 2009-2019 - examines current trends and future prospects for the soldier modernisation market.

Online PR News – 24-November-2009 – – This new defence report - The Soldier Modernisation Market 2009-2019 - examines current trends and future prospects for the soldier modernisation market. Those products and systems are becoming characteristic of 21st century warfare. estimates that soldier modernisation applications generated a total $440 million in sales worldwide during 2008. This report shows how those revenues will rise steadily over the next decade. This is a market that emerged in the 1990s, showed real technological and commercial promise this decade, achieving further growth and development during our report’s forecast period, 2009 to 2019. The US, France, UK and Germany are significant markets at present. Do you know how those and other markets will develop? This report answers that and other important questions. Also, will an ambitious programme in India make it a leading market toward the end of next decade? Although relatively late to emerge here, China and Russia are also making serious inroads in this promising worldwide market. This report reviews current programmes in leading countries, forecasting relevant sales in 12 leading markets in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

Soldier modernisation market is divided into the five segments identified by NATO: command and control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I); lethality; mobility; survivability; and sustainability. The Soldier Modernisation Market 2009-2019 tracks the growth of those market segments during the forecast period 2009 to 2019. This new defence report also charts how the 12 leading national markets are expected to fare during that period. The US, naturally, is at the forefront of the market currently, but is not guaranteed to remain predominant, since nations in Europe and the Asia-Pacific are also expected to make this a high-growth market. This report explains how each of those nations’ sales and market shares will develop in this important emerging market.

The Soldier Modernisation Market 2009-2019 examines the market critically through a detailed review of available information. It also covers the essential drivers and restraints influencing the market’s growth. The sources used include governmental and industrial reports, industry/defence news and original expert interviews. Also applied financial forecasting and related analyses to provide a comprehensive market- and industry-based report with detailed analysis and informed opinion that you will not find anywhere else.

In particular, The Soldier Modernisation Market 2009-2019 focuses on the following essential aspects of the market:
• Sales forecast for the overall global soldier modernisation market from 2009 to 2019
• Sales forecasts for the leading soldier modernisation market segments from 2009 to 2019
• Sales forecasts for the 12 leading country markets from 2009 to 2019
• Discussion of current programmes and direction of relevant projects worldwide
• Discussion of market drivers and restraints, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the global soldier modernisation market.

Why you should buy this report:
• To obtain a comprehensive analysis of the prospects for soldier modernisation from 2009 to 2019
• To learn predicted sales for leading soldier modernisation programmes from 2009 to 2019
• To understand the forces that influence and characterise the market for soldier modernisation during the forecast period:
- Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
- Market drivers and restraints
• To find out where the market is heading from the present onwards, both technologically and commercially.

The soldier modernisation market has marked advantages, especially given the continuing importance placed on foot soldiers. The current global financial situation will naturally weigh on governments’ minds, affecting some decisions in this market. However, soldier modernisation is a sector where high investment is expected to continue. After all, soldier modernisation seeks to enhance the capabilities of individual soldiers and small units, the key building blocks of military ground operations. This new report is essential reading for companies involved in the soldier modernisation market, as well as those wishing to contribute to it directly and indirectly.

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