Anti-Bullying Week 2009: Changing Lives One Beat at a Time

An afternoon of Rock music, heartrending stories and messages of hope kicked Anti-Bullying Week off at Columbia International College.

Online PR News – 23-November-2009 – – Hamilton, Ontario, Nov. 21-- An afternoon of Rock music, heartrending stories and messages of hope kicked Anti-Bullying Week off at Columbia International College.

Nearly 600 hundred students spent lunch time attending Think Day. The motivational multimedia presentation featured live music from Winnipeg band Hundredfold, thought-provoking videos and personal stories about bullying.

Sharing a Message of Hope

Students filled every corner of the school gym. There was tangible silence in the air as students watched videos about bullying. Several speakers also shared their personal experiences and talked about the devastating effects bullying had on their lives. For some, bullying pushed them to substance abuse, for others, suicide seemed like the only escape. All of the speakers overcame these obstacles and shared a message of hope.

Organized by youth-focused charity, Absolute Leadership Development, the presentation encourages students to reflect on how seemingly small things can affect peoples’ lives.

Raising Awareness through Interactive Events

The sounds of Winnipeg band, Hundredfold, could be heard through Columbia’s halls. The four-man band strummed chords, sang and drummed with the cheers of students as an accompaniment. Strobe lights, large speakers and a huge crowd set the stage for what many students said felt like a real, live concert.

The interactive presentation had Columbia students ‘jamming out’ on air instruments to popular songs. They won CDs from the performing band.

Anti-Bullying Week is devoted to raising awareness by featuring a variety of interactive events including Think Day, poster-making and homeroom discussions about bullying.

About Columbia International College

Founded in 1979, Columbia International College believes in the individuality of each student and tailors its resources to effectively meet the unique Academic, Social, Emotional and Physical (ASEP) needs of our students. As a result, over the past 12 years, 100% of the students have received admission to top universities worldwide; many with scholarships.

Columbia International Colleges is now Canada’s largest independent boarding high school,

About Absolute Leadership Development

Absolute Leadership Development, founded in 2000, is a federally incorporated charity. From taking hundreds of students to engage in humanitarian relief work to presenting a message of hope to hundreds of thousands, each year Absolute continues to empower a generation to live with purpose - and to change their world.

Think Day is a 100% charitable endeavor to make a real difference in schools. As such, Absolute fully sponsors Think Day to schools, providing them with the opportunity to have North America’s best motivational program, regardless of demographic or budget.