Beat the VAT increase with a promotion by Redseven Leisure

Have a weekend to remember with your closest friends.
November 2009 - Redseven Leisure, a United Kingdom based company that specializes in offering complete packages for stag and hen weekends and mini-holidays, has recently put forward a special promotion for customers that book a weekend with them before the end of the month. The promotion addresses the changes that will take place with VAT in the UK in the following months and allow a limited number of customers to lock in the current prices for their holidays.

Online PR News – 23-November-2009 – – The standard rates for the VAT were reduced to 15% (a 2.5% reduction) in December 2008 to boost consumer spending for the period. This reduction was scheduled to last for one year, and it is on 31st December 2009 that the VAT would to it's original amount of 17.5%. Redseven Leisure is offering a discounted price to all its customers that book their weekend trip before 30th November 2009, who will not be charged the additional 2.5% for their holiday. This announcement might tip quite a lot of people to make their arrangements now, since this time is a traditional date for these types of mini-holidays. The weekends are popular for hen parties where the bachelorette spends one last wild weekend prior to the wedding or just for a group of friends who want to share an exciting trip together. Of course, people that take advantage of this promotion will not only save money, but will also have access to the best holiday packages (which tend to go first) and be able to stay at the most luxurious hotels and party at the hottest night clubs for the best possible prices. People planning to take advantage of this tempting offer will have to act fast, however, as Redseven has announced that there are limited slots for this offer.
As their own tag-line suggests, this is a chance to beat the VAT man by getting a discount on an unforgettable weekend at some of the world's most vibrant and exciting cities. A hen night is a really unique experience and the best chance to experience the wild side of life. If you are a bachelorette and are soon to be married you can make exciting plans to discover some of the things you have been missing out and have a great time before that important day. For more information head over to the Redseven Leisure website at" target="_blank" class="highlight_link"> or call 0800 970 2744 to be assisted by one of their expert hen party planners.

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