Swimming Pool Supplies Company 1800Pools Announces Discount Opportunity Through Savings Club

1800Pools, a trusted name offering pool accessories online, is announcing their Crazylegs Savings Club, whose objective is to provide a discount on a customer's first order, and deliver announcements on upcoming deals.

Online PR News – 09-April-2011 – – Since they splashed onto the scene several years ago, swimming pool supplies vendor 1800Pools has been a favored destination by pool owners and pool maintenance staff who have found in 1800Pools a trusted partner and advisor who delivers on all the hardware and backs it up with exceptional customer service that is increasingly become hard to find. In an effort to deliver more to their valued guests, 1800Pools has established a savings club that provides a healthy eight percent discount on a customer's first order, and follows that up with announcements of exceptional deals that only a vendor with the buying power such as that which 1800Pools enjoys is able to provide. Aptly named Crazylegs, the savings club is poised to be particularly useful with summer just a few months away. Because 1800Pools also stocks all season items, customers can potentially save with product offerings made available throughout the year.

Since its launch, 1800Pools has endeavored to be a one-stop shop for everything related to pools, whether it is above or in ground. 1800Pools has consistently updated its product list to ensure coverage for products that consumers need in order to tend to or accessorize their pools. In addition to pool accessories, 1800Pools is also offering gaming equipment and other entertainment products for use in the backyard or the family room.

The memorable frog mascot continues to endure, but underneath it all is a constant effort by 1800Pools technology staff to implement upgrades and enhancements to make shopping for swimming pool supplies and pool accessories online easier, safer and of course, more user-friendly. During the shopping process, 1800Pools provides price comparison right when a customer selects a product, a confidence inspiring moment for the customer who can ascertain whether or not they are getting the best deal on the product they are considering. At checkout, customers now have the option to pay with PayPal, an acknowledgement on the part of 1800Pools that an increasing number of consumers are turning to financial intermediaries such as PayPal to conduct their online business.

Unlike many online retailers, 1800Pools encourages its current and prospective customers to pick up the phone and call them to discuss their specific needs. Their 800 number is prominently featured on all pages of their website so help is just a phone call away. Their friendly and knowledgeable employees are experts in the pool industry, and can answer just about anything a customer wants to know about swimming pool supplies and pool accessories.

"With pool season just around the corner, owners and pool administrators will once again be exploring their options to maximize their pool experience this spring and summer," explains Kris Bohnberger of 1800Pools. "We are ready to help so they can receive what they need to get their pools up and running in no time, and begin to enjoy the water with family and friends throughout the spring and summer months."

1800Pools offers a huge selection of pool and spa parts and supplies along with all the leisure related items to keep you enjoying your indoor and outdoor activities throughout the summer and all year long. During off-season swimming pool times, check out our Ice Rinks, Winter Fun, and Christmas Store categories.

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