Legal Coaching Firm, My Legal Career Coach, Announces Coaching Makes A Difference In Today's Economy

The current economy has made the legal industry a competitive environment. Popular legal coaching firm, My Legal Career Coach, helps existing attorneys and pre-law and law students market themselves to achieve the career of their dreams.

Online PR News – 06-May-2009 – – LOS ANGELES, CA – My Legal Career Coach, LLC, a popular legal coaching firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, recently announced that with today's economic uncertainty, it is essential for both law students and established attorneys to evaluate legal coaching options. The firm states that by taking advantage of legal coaching, individuals will not only gain a better understanding of their desired legal career goals, but they will also acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to market themselves successfully in a challenging business environment.

Along with current market uncertainty, coaching in the legal industry is also beneficial due to the dynamic nature of the industry itself. The legal industry is constantly evolving with new trends, laws and precedents continually being set. A legal coach can help guide individuals through all of the latest industry changes relative to their field or practice, arming them with as much knowledge as possible to productively achieve their career goals.

“My Legal Career Coach was started to help people avoid career pitfalls. All too often we'd come across attorneys who would be stuck in a career rut and would express 'If I only knew then what I know now.' By coaching individuals from the beginning of their careers, we can really empower them to make the most strategic career moves that reflect their overall values and long-term career goals,” says Theresa DeLoach, Founder of My Legal Career Coach.

Offering a wide array of legal coaching services, My Legal Career Coach is a beneficial tool for pre-law students, law students, as well as established attorneys. For pre-law students, My Legal Career Coach guides students through the essential planning needed to succeed throughout the initial phase of their legal careers. The firm offers one-on-one career counseling to review the skills needed to be a lawyer, the areas of law, resume writing, as well as the overall law school process and evaluation.

As part of its law student coaching, My Legal Career Coach helps students make the best choices, putting them on the correct path to support their long-term career goals. Through legal coaching, students can discuss class selection, judicial externships and clerkships, networking, job search skills and more. By empowering students with an abundance of legal knowledge and training, My Legal Career Coach enables them to transition smoothly from law school into a professional legal career.

In addition to coaching students, My Legal Career Coach also offers beneficial attorney coaching services for professionals in all stages of their careers. The firm helps attorneys recognize their personal strengths, career goals and objectives, and also assists them with evaluating career choices and opportunities. Additionally, in today's aggressive marketplace, My Legal Career Coach offers invaluable advice on interviewing and networking skills, giving attorneys a leg up on competition.

“In today's economic climate, it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd in order to secure the career of your dreams. Legal coaching is truly an invaluable resource for all stages of the legal profession. From pre-law students, law students to attorneys, everyone can benefit from the skills and knowledge they will receive from a professionally trained legal coach,” says DeLoach.

My Legal Career Coach offers professional legal coaching services to clients across the country. More information about the services offered can be found at

About My Legal Career Coach: My Legal Career Coach, LLC is a full-service legal coaching firm, offering law student coaching as well as professional attorney coaching. By helping individuals in all stages of legal careers understand their professional goals and strengths. My Legal Career Coach empowers them with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively market themselves in a competitive marketplace, allowing them to secure the job of their dreams.

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