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Stem Cells - The Hype & Hope - World Analysis 2009-2024 examines stem cells technology critically.

Online PR News – 23-November-2009 – – Stem cells represent one of the most promising medical breakthroughs of all time, as our new market report explains. Currently, in 2009, the new US administration is lifting some major restrictions on stem cells technologies. This developmental obstacle now removed, all types of stem cells are available for expanding the therapeutic and commercial potentials, as our new report Stem Cells - The Hype & Hope - World Analysis 2009-2024 explains. Based upon the cells that create and renew all tissues potentially, stem cell therapies could revolutionise the treatment of disease, especially through tissue and organ replacement. Stem cells could provide revolutionary treatments for conditions from diabetes to multiple sclerosis, and from myocardial infarction to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, amongst many others. Stem cell lines could also change the way pharmaceutical companies assess new chemical entities during R&D.

A conservative estimate places the potential market value of stem cells at over $150bn by late next decade. But will stem cell products be ready to meet regulatory hurdles and market requirements? Where is stem cell research heading today? What stem cell therapies are likely to hit the market from 2009 onwards? Where does the highest value lie in the short-term? What are the commercial threats there? This new visiongain report answers these and other crucial questions about this important developing field, one with vast commercial potential.

Comprehensive analysis of the global stem cells sector and market

Stem Cells - The Hype & Hope - World Analysis 2009-2024 examines stem cells technology critically. We used a comprehensive review of information sources, including consultations with relevant experts. This report provides detailed sales forecasts, discussions of pipeline developments and analyses of important contemporary issues, especially relevant commercial drivers and restraints. This report also covers regulations and ethics. Sources used include commercial databases, industry news, published reports, policy documents and economic research. Importantly, visiongain applied rigorous financial forecasting, qualitative analyses and the assessment of unmet needs. The result is a comprehensive market- and industry-centred report with detailed analysis and informed opinion that you will not find elsewhere.

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Key information that you will find in Stem Cells - The Hype & Hope - World Analysis 2009-2024 includes:

Analyses of the existing market value for stem cells Analyses of the potential market value of stem cell therapies, including detailed revenue forecasts from 2009 to 2024 Forecasts for existing stem cell markets, including private cord blood banks and Osiris Therapeutics and NuVasive's Osteocel Discussions of ethical complications and situations that influence the way stem cell medicine is perceived, researched and conducted Analyses of key organisations, suppliers and relevant national laws Expert opinions from original research interviews with key opinion leaders in stem cells research and technology Informed analyses of the strengths and weaknesses of the technologies from 2009 onwards Balanced assessments of commercial drivers and restraints in the stem cells field.

Visiongain believes that stem cell technologies are progressing rapidly. We predict that more products will enter the market over the coming 5 years, changing the commercial landscape for stem cells

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