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Online PR News – 23-November-2009 – – Having long harboured ambitions to enter the mobile space, Apple has blazed a convincing trail through the market across the mobile board, i.e. devices, content and services. After upgrading the iPhone's network connectivity fom EDGE to 3.5G in 2008, Apple has witnessed the iPhone becoming a cultural near-phenomenon, and managed to maintain a delicate balance for its AppStore and iTunes offerings on the device via partner mobile operators' networks. Due to its success in producing a compelling user interface ideal for browsing and multimedia use, operators such as AT&T, Telefonica-O2 and T-Mobile have benefited from increased data traffic from their iPhone-bundled subscriptions, but their role in the iPhone value chain has effectively been confined to the bit-pipe provider. Without any influence on content and services while giving away a share of those data revenues, this was one of many reasons why other operators opted not to subsidise Apple's handsets.

This latter stance on the part of Apple may be giving way to greater flexibility of terms as the firm navigates its way through a period of economic turbulence, like virtually the entire digital multimedia industry. In 2008, Apple was reprimanded by the UK advertising standards watchdog for misleading consumers over the iPhone's mobile browsing capability, by claiming the mobile-optimised Safari browser can open all web pages, when in fact the device does not support AJAX and plug-ins such as Flash Lite. How will these issues shape its position in and the evolution of the mobile multimedia industry? Will this open up greater opportunities for a wider number of players?

Although Apple has some way to go before rivalling the overall market share of longer established competitors in the handsets business, those firms such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and RIM, are understandably concerned about the iPhone becoming a key driver in mobile data uptake. The market is also witnessing the entry of the competing Google-sponsored open-source Android platform with its own app store, while Symbian will become open source, having been taken over by Nokia. The market-leading Finnish-based manufacturer is also expanding its user interface, music and app store offerings in an attempt to compete in content, while staving off the threat to its core device business. The digital commercial landscape is becoming more fractured with competitive activity increasing, indicating a proliferation in opportunities for players across the value chain. Can you afford to miss out on any such opportunities? And just how can your company make the most of this opportunity?

In terms of mobile devices and content, Apple's process of growth and product leadership has taken place in a relatively short time frame, but this report will show how rivals can compete given the current composition of the mobile value chain, with pressure on margins intensifying.

You may be looking to work with or compete against this considerable market protagonist of the global digital multimedia business. Read this report and find out why and how Apple has succeeded in establishing a nascent but quickly growing market presence and extending its reputation for innovation, style and quality into those above fields. This report will enlighten you on ways to collaborate with or compete against this corporate symbol of the digital multimedia age.

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* Brands/Marketers-Discover how Apple and the iPhone have influenced the market and how this can be used to drive brands and best utilise the mobile space. Learn about market issues specifically related to Apple and the iPhone as well as its competitors.
* Mobile Operators-Learn what role there is for mobile operators in the expanding market of high end handsets and smartphones and what strategies are best employed in this area.
* Mobile handset vendors-Discover what mobile subscribers will want from their handsets and what the iPhone and its competitors are providing to the mobile market. Learn about opportunities in this market and how these can be best utilised.
* Mobile content providers-Discover what opportunities exist in the development of the mobile web and content from the iPhone and other high end mobile handset providers.

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Directors, VP and Senior managers in:

* Mobile/Cellular carriers and operators
* Mobile handset manufacturers
* Mobile music providers
* Mobile music brands/marketers
* Mobile web content players

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