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Online PR News – 23-November-2009 – – Despite the impact of the 2008-2009 global downturn, remittances as a source of liquidity will likely prove to be resilient, and could potentially play a role in restoring or increasing prosperity across regions. Whereas the sharp contraction of credit in the global banking sector has directly and instantaneously ravaged FDI alongside private debt and equity flows, remittances to the developing world are slowing down more gradually and indirectly as a result of declining personal consumption, lay-offs, and lower salaries impacting the real economy. This adds the resilience of remittances, where migrant workers will continue sending money to relatives in their countries of origin during uncertain economic times, albeit at less regular intervals and/or in smaller amounts.

Despite a net reduction in new migration through 2009 due to tightening immigration controls as a protectionist political reactions in some countries, the number of migrants accumulated in previous years represents a significant proven source of remittances, the value of which will nevertheless be vulnerable to disruptive factors such as exchange rate volatility.

This report, Mobile Money Transfer 2009, looks at the strong fundamentals behind the remittance market and how it will generate growth from the end of 2009 and forward beyond 2014. The report will explore how the mobile value chain and financial sector can tap into money transfer as an attractive new revenue stream, given the strength and ubiquity of mobile as a convenient, secure and low cost channel for financial.

Mobile Money Transfer is positioned to exercise considerable transformational effect on developing economies, a crucial factor for wider world economic growth. Mobile Money also enables financial services and money transfers - often initiated by urban and international immigrants - to reach poor people in rural areas. Mobile remittance services will form the first commercially viable and sustainable opportunity to reach the unbanked with low cost, no-frills financial services.

The huge potential for mobile money transfer can be seen from the sheer volume of cross-border remittances typically sent through existing channels such as banks and money transfer agencies. Measured flows have grown exponentially over the last decade - by 130 percent since 2001, with an estimated US$248billion sent primarily from industrialised countries to the world's emerging markets in 2007. Although remittance flows are currently experiencing short-term decline, existing services and pilot projects in Kenya and the Philippines have shown operators a feasible route towards gaining a share of those large remittance flows expected by and new mobile remittance services are expected by 2011 at the latest. Operators and banks in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa are in the process of deploying services primed to encourage and exploit potential growth.

Major operators with international and inter-regional footprints such as Vodafone and Orascom Telecom have announced their intention to deploy mobile remittance, which they hope will act as a catalyst for the wider adoption of mWallet-enabled transaction services. Most importantly, mobile remittance presents a way for these inter-regional players to further maximise revenue potential through a greater proportion of their respective footprints, leveraging their assets in Europe and the Middle East in synergy with those in South Asia, Africa and the Asia Pacific.

This brand new 80+ page report analysis all of the exciting opportunities that will be available to increase your revenues from this potential arena.

Reading this exclusive management report will tell you the following:

• What different forms of mobile remittance are available and expected to appear in the future?
• Why is mobile potentially so important to banking and financial services, as well as economic development?
• When will mobile remittance become a truly global mass market proposition?
• How successful can these service propositions become?
Find out the answers to these and many other questions by buying this vital industry insight.

Mobile money transfer and m-payments have great potential due to the relationship between a mobile subscriber and their handset, where the mobile device is often with the end-user for most of their waking time. With mobile penetration reaching 100 per cent in many developed markets, the mobile phone will soon be in virtually everyone's pocket. Payments and banking are currently major areas of growth in the mobile world and these are set to become even more specialised than they are at the moment. Do you understand this market? Do you know how it will develop? Is this an issue that you need to act on and find out about now?

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