SalesNexus announces the release of “Double Your Sales in 2010”, an eBook available free on the SalesNexus website

SalesNexus announces the release of “Double Your Sales in 2010”, an eBook available free on the SalesNexus website.

Online PR News – 23-November-2009 – – HOUSTON – SalesNexus today releases a free eBook, “Double Your Sales in 2010”.

SalesNexus today released “Double Your Sales in 2010”, a free eBook for business owners and sales executives available on the SalesNexus website.

“2009 has been a tough year for small business owners and sales executives. There have been plenty of businesses suffering during the recession and the recovery appears to be tentative.”, said Craig Klein, Founder and CEO of SalesNexus. “If you’re managing a team of sales people, you’re looking for ways to get off to a strong start in 2010 and keep your sales team focused on the fundamentals of selling.”

“Double Your Sales in 2010” highlights the wasted motion common for most sales people and provides specific examples of how to identify the prospects most likely to buy and focus sales time on those prospects. “Double Your Sales in 2010” also includes examples of how to leverage online contact management and online CRM solutions to make qualifying sales prospects easy for sales people and how sales managers can monitor sales activity to keep the team on track.

Craig Klein says, “Taking sales to an entirely new level is possible. Any business can multiply their sales by 2, this year! 2010 can be your breakthrough year no matter what the economy does!”.

Klein added, “Double Your Sales in 2010 shows you simple ways to qualify prospects and reorder the sequence of selling activities so you conserve sales resources and focus your efforts on the highest value prospects. Double Your Sales in 2010 also includes simple guidelines for implementing these principals using an online CRM so the process is consistent, measurable and efficient.”

SalesNexus is a complete online CRM for sales teams from 5 to 500. The SalesNexus online CRM solution includes unlimited email marketing and auto-responder campaigns. “Our customers love the fact that we bring selling experts like Wendy Weiss to them to help them raise the level of their selling.”, said Klein.

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