New Report "The mVoIP market 2009-2014 - Successfully profiting from VoIP over mobile" available through Aarkstore Enterprise

The report gives an overview of the US, Canada, Europe and Asian ICT markets inspired by the robust growth in the mobile industry, with a special focus on China and India - the two countries that are driving growth in telecoms services globally.

Online PR News – 23-November-2009 – – Skype for sale?: Reports that the VoIP market leader Skype is up for sale on eBay have resurfaced in the market again. Will eBay offload the Skype from its portfolio? Is it acceptable for the eBay to sell Skype - its most valuable asset? - an analysis of the scenario is presented inside this report.

BT to launch mobile VoIP
BT Inmo, a wholly owned subsidiary of BT, has bought a licence to globally market and sell mobile VoIP, based on a solution from the US firm Qnective. It is developing a mobile VoIP solution set for BT Global Services, which it will base on Qnective's Qtalk products.

Skype's launch of its VoIP client for the Apple iPhone, and plans for another launch on the RIM's Blackberry platform in 2009, are the latest developments in the implementation of VoIP services on mobile phones, a market which has grown in importance recently.

mVoIP is now lining up to challenge the established technologies with the introduction of products and services that meet the needs of modern business and technology savvy consumers. Consequently, service providers are aggressively looking for ways to offer mVoIP to consumers.

Enterprise solutions are to provide the first commercially relevant mobile VoIP business. IP-based corporate PBX systems are already common, and mobile-only systems hold significantly less market share.

Although there is some resistance so far by the mobile network operators to adoption of the VoIP on their networks, but deployment of the 4G technologies -WiMAX and LTE - in the near future is set to change the game for them as well. VoIP is expected to offer mobile operators significant business opportunity by allowing them to harness three powerful characteristics:
• they can cut infrastructure costs and service charges to better compete with fixed operators,
• they can expand their coverage by supporting access from WLAN access points, and
• they an offer richer communications services to their users.

The main players

With a nationwide spread of Internet, all players in the telecoms sector - long distance and local telephone companies, cellular operators, cable providers - are embracing IP-based services. The idea is to offer converged data, landline voice, mobile and video on a single platform from a single provider. Broadband and mobile internet is playing a key role in delivering of this 'triple-play' and now quad-play idea. The market will be dominated by three types of players:
• IT companies
• Cable companies
• Wireline carriers
• Wireless carriers
• mVoIP entrants
• Application developers
• Content providers
• Consumers (commercial and individuals)

What does this innovative brand new report deliver?

• Implementation of VoIP on mobile:
• There are more than one ways to access VoIP on mobile phone. Is mVoIP to be a voice service, running over the DSL/ broadband IP network, on a mobile phone? Or, Are over-the-top services - that users download onto their phones to connect to services providers which are not their primary mobile service provider - to be called mVoIP? This report will provide you an insight

How big is the market opportunity? The market opportunity for mVoIP is as big as the ICT industry itself. This report will give you a complete insight of the ICT industry and market (for example broadband and internet penetration rate and telecoms services growth), with a special focus on the mobile phone industry i.e. subscribers growth, handset shipments, data growth, mobile broadband penetration, 3G uptake and developments and prospects for the deployment of 4G technologies in the future.

What will drive the mVoIP market?
The mVoIP has grown in importance. However, what will drive its future growth? This report analyses the factors that are going to influence the market and inspire its growth in the future. Can you afford to be miss out on the new emerging revenue opportunities?

Who should buy this report?

The companies that are involved in this market include:
• Cable companies;
• Fixed-line operators;
• VoIP service providers;
• Mobile operators;
• VoIP equipment manufacturers;
• Handset makers (Nokia, Motorola etc), as well as WLAN handset makers (Cisco, Avaya etc); and
• Internet and wireless Internet service providers (WISPs).
• Third-party application developers
• IT companies (i.e. Google and Microsoft)
• Internet, landline, wireless and mobile technologies developers and participants
• Broadband services and solutions providers
• Telecoms regulators
• Public telephony services providers
• Online application stores
• Content solutions providers
• Enterprises
• Investment companies

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