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OTC pharma is influenced by changes in consumer spending - but significant commercial opportunities for OTC switching will drive market expansion worldwide – our new report explains

Online PR News – 23-November-2009 – – General economic trends worldwide will affect the over-the-counter (OTC) pharma market from 2009 onwards, with both market restraints and opportunities present. In this new report - The Global OTC Pharmaceutical Market 2009-2024 – visiongain notes that Rx-to-OTC switching and the continuing importance of emerging pharma markets will drive OTC sales growth from 2009 onwards. Our forecasts reveal that the OTC pharma market will grow significantly next decade. This report explains where future OTC switching will occur, providing you with the information that you need to understand the current OTC market and its future prospects. The potential of this market remains significant, despite general economic uncertainty, visiongain asserts.

The Global OTC Pharmaceutical Market 2009-2024 examines all the major categories of OTC pharmaceuticals, including:
• Analgesics – for internal and external uses
• Cough, cold and allergy preparations
• Dermatology - including antifungal agents and hair-loss treatments
• Gastrointestinal drugs - including those for acid-related disorders, laxatives and anti-diarrhoea preparations
• Anti-obesity treatments
• Smoking cessation aids
• Others – including contraceptives, statins and erectile dysfunction areas.

Demographic trends, lifestyles changes and clinical advances are transforming medicine and creating opportunities for therapeutic areas and drug types in OTC pharma. Consumers are increasingly willing to self-medicate, for convenience and cost savings in particular. New regulations are changing OTC retail channels and sales processes, including the range of products on offer. Importantly, governments and healthcare providers are promoting self-medication, viewing the process as a tool to help contain healthcare expenditure. Therefore the OTC pharma market holds high potential for continued growth in both mature and emerging geographical markets.

Taking advantage of such opportunities will take considerable skill in a crowded and competitive marketplace. Competing with private labels, gaining regulatory approval for further OTC switches and harnessing Web 2.0 in advertising are all challenges that are assessed in this report, along with other aspects of the market.

Comprehensive analysis of the OTC market area

The Global OTC Pharmaceutical Market 2009-2024 examines that sector critically, through a comprehensive review of information sources, both primary and secondary. This report provides detailed sales forecasts, discussions of pipeline developments and analysis of commercial drivers and restraints, including a SWOT analysis. There are over 100 tables and figures included. The result is a comprehensive market- and industry-centred report, with detailed analyses and informed opinion to aid your work.

Why you should buy The Global OTC Pharmaceutical Market 2009-2024

Benefits from purchasing this report include:
• Your receiving a comprehensive appraisal of the OTC pharmaceutical market in 2008, including sales revenues and market shares for OTC categories, the top 10 companies and the leading OTC brands
• Your receiving sales forecasts and discussions covering the period 2009 to 2024, including the global OTC market, leading OTC brand forecasts, top OTC manufacturer forecasts and therapeutic category forecasts
• Your viewing sales forecasts for leading national OTC markets worldwide
• Your receiving coverage of OTC switching from 2009 onwards, with important developments that you cannot ignore
• Your viewing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the industry, with an emphasis on commercial drivers and restraints.

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The Global OTC Pharmaceutical Market 2009-2024 will provide you with a greater understanding of the expanding OTC market worldwide. What effect will the current downturn in consumer spending have on the OTC market? What are the OTC product market shares in each of the top-10 OTC companies? Which will be the most-important Rx-to-OTC switches in future? If you want to understand this important market, you can stay ahead by ordering this report today.

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