New Report "Mobile Advertising and Marketing 2009 - Market analysis and forecasts 2009-2014" available through Aarkstore Enterprise

The report examines mobile advertising opportunities presented by MMS, video, TV, LBS, contextual advertising, as well as other niche possibilities.

Online PR News – 23-November-2009 – – The global economy will recover but how soon, and what mobile advertising firms will be left when the upturn happens? As with any recession, advertising is hit strongly, but mobile advertising revenues correlate well with the beginning of Internet advertising so the potential still remain enormous and viable. As the global economy embarks on an inevitable recovery after its most serious setback in generations, new sectors are emerging stronger in terms of growth potential, with mobile advertising and marketing prominent among them. Even during periods of contraction for the overall advertising industry through 2008 and 2009, spending on advertising through the mobile channel is demonstrating counter-cyclical resilience.

The increasing availability of multimedia content is opening a large opportunity for sophisticated forms of mobile advertising. As content that already incorporates advertising - like live TV programming - makes its way to mobile handsets, brands and entertainment content providers seeing the value of presenting full multimedia ads with programs. With mobile web applications also expected to carrt

From 2007 when the growing market garnered just over $7 billion on a global basis, we believe mobile marketing and advertising in these two geographical areas will grow to over $30 billion in 2014. Issues to be resolved include business models and revenue share, the type, length and frequency of ads, consumer attitudes and many others. Operators will have to walk a fine line between maximising the revenue potential of advertising, while at the same time not risk alienating subscribers and increasing churn by doing so.

Based on interviews with key participants across the value chain, including operators, media agencies, software application providers, access providers, marketing specialists and trade association representatives, this 140+ page report analyses the market drivers and barriers affecting mobile advertising and marketing. It discusses the main market trends and charts the market evolution in the US and Europe. The report examines mobile advertising opportunities presented by MMS, video, TV, LBS, contextual advertising, as well as other niche possibilities.

Reading this exclusive management report will tell you the following:
Who are the main players in mobile advertising and what are they doing?
What different forms of advertising are available and expected to appear in the future?
How does mobile advertising compare to online and traditional media?
Why is advertising so important to mobile?
When will advertising start to make significant traction in the market? When will it become a mass market proposition?
How successful will it be?
How can operators and other companies in the value chain best position themselves?

Find out the answers to these and many other questions by buying this vital industry insight.

Plus other key questions answered such as:
- What % of brand advertising and marketing budgets will go on the mobile channel by 2014 and what will be the associated revenues?
- Where are the biggest market opportunities?
- What advertising models exist and which ones will account for the biggest market?
- What types of mobile advertising are most likely to succeed?

Operators in the Europe and the US are currently either testing various forms of advertising with 3G services or are allowing ads to be served on their portals. A number of multimedia companies have already launched mobile advertising offerings, and several ad-funded MVNOs in Europe and the US in 2007 have generated significant interest, and will become an important revenue source within the next five years.

Why you need to order this report today:
1. Mobile operators: Gain insight into the issues affecting mobile advertising and where revenues can be derived from this new opportunity. Discover regional adoption and usage of new technology and services, as well as market size data. Obtain analysis of the key market participants and their products and services.
2. Brands/Advertisers/Marketers: Discover what opportunities exist in the mobile advertising channel and what the best strategies are in this space. Learn about market issues specifically related to mobile content and mobile marketing and advertising including technology, media types, demographics, psychographics, subscriber receptivity and trends.
3. Vendors: Learn what mobile operators' plans are with mobile advertising and marketing. Find out how the market will evolve and how you can benefit from this growth.

Furthermore, the entry of large online search engines into the mobile world opens up new advertising opportunities in the shape of context-based mobile search. What are the best strategies for success? This report will tell you.

Mobile advertising has great potential due to the relationship between a mobile subscriber and their handset, where the mobile device is often with the end-user for most of their waking time. With mobile penetration reaching 100 per cent in many developed markets, the mobile phone will soon be in virtually everyone's pocket. Advertising is currently a major area of growth in the mobile world and is set to become even more specialised than it is at the moment. Do you understand this market? Do you know how it will develop? Is this an issue that you need to act on and find out about now?

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