The Tech-FAQ Proxy List Implements a New Registration System

The Tech-FAQ Proxy List, an online meeting ground for proxy site providers and proxy site users, implements a new registration and payment system with aims to avert spam sites from joining the list.

Online PR News – 07-May-2009 – – Paid Model Will Reduce spam By Over 99%

The new paid model will help make the Tech-FAQ proxy List better than any of its competitors. Most other proxy lists do not stay updated and contain long lists of dead proxies that site visitors have to wade through just to find a working proxy. Otherwise, they list old blocked proxies, spam sites, and any other site that is willing to pay them an advertising fee.

Tech-FAQ’s decision to employ a payment system has nothing to do with money, nor does it come in response to many people’s requests for them to provide paid listings. Their main emphasis is on weeding out all of the spam listings in order to make the Tech-FAQ Proxy List the best on the Internet. Of all the spam sites they currently receive, 90% get immediately converted to Sedo listings and 10% are adult sites and their affiliates.

To submit a listing to Tech-FAQ, the proxy site owner must first register an account with a valid email address. Once the email address is validated, the user then pays a fee of $1 for each proxy that is submitted. However, the submission fee does not guarantee a listing, as parked pages and adult-content websites will never be listed.

In order to attain the site’s goal of providing the newest unblocked proxies to its visitors, the previous system that was in place will not be purged. Predictions are that spam will be reduced by well over 99% and the number of listings in the database will be significantly reduced; therefore, the value of each individual proxy listing will be considerably enhanced.

Although the fee of $1 per proxy submission is but a token payment that is nowhere near the value of a listing, if a user cannot afford to pay it, Tech-FAQ offers ways to bypass the payment with free coupons. To find out how to redeem free coupons, simply join the Tech-FAQ Proxy List Support Forum at

NetBuilders will be nicely rewarded with coupon codes to use in the new Tech-FAQ system. Even more incentives will be offered in the future to every proxy owner who is a contributing member in the support forum.

To see the new registration system in action at the Tech-FAQ Proxy List, please visit

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