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Our latest defence report - The Military GPS/GNSS Devices Market 2009-2019 - examines one of the defence industry’s important emerging sectors.

Online PR News – 23-November-2009 – – The Global Positioning System (GPS), with its US military origins, has led to a wide range of commercial products in recent years. We predict steady growth for the worldwide military GPS/GNSS devices market – you will see relevant forecasts in this report. Major defence contractors as well as companies serving both commercial and defence markets are producing GPS/GNSS devices, as demand increases for accurate location information and precision guidance. This report discusses that market in detail, examining its potential from 2009 onwards.

Since its deployment in Desert Storm up to extensive use in conflicts zones of the 21st century, GPS has become the standard tool for obtaining precise position, navigation and timing (PNT) information for military forces. Similar to GPS are other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). Russia is reviving Glonass, which was developed around the same time as GPS. A group of European countries is also developing their own GNSS, known as Galileo. China reportedly plans to expand its regional navigation satellite system to global coverage in a project labelled Compass.

Our forecast period, 2009-2019, reveals a general increase in spending on military GPS/GNSS devices. Which submarkets will have the greatest value and experience the highest growth? Which countries will spend most on military GPS/GNSS over the next decade? Will other GNSS generate increased demand for GPS/GNSS devices? The Military GPS/GNSS Devices Market 2009-2019 will provide you with the information that you need to understand current trends and future possibilities there. We discuss the global outlook for the following submarkets:

* GPS/GNSS devices for ground platforms (soldiers, vehicles)
* GPS/GNSS devices for aerial platforms (aircraft, UAVs)
* GPS/GNSS devices for naval platforms (vessels)
* GPS/GNSS devices for precision guidance munitions (missiles, bombs, artillery and mortar rounds).

Military GPS/GNSS devices are turning up in many military applications – such as handheld receivers for soldiers, GPS-aided navigational systems for manned and unmanned aircraft, and expendable miniaturized versions in missiles, bombs and even artillery and mortar rounds. This new report covers those aspects of the sector too.

Comprehensive analysis of the global military GPS/GNSS devices market

Military GPS/GNSS Devices Market 2009-2019 examines this growing sector, providing a review of current programmes and products via analysis of policy documents, news reports, industry publications, market analysis and consultations with experts. This report provides detailed sales forecasts, a SWOT analysis and analyses of drivers and restraints. There are 51 tables and figures included. Visiongain also interviewed key personalities from industry, with full interview transcripts provided. The result is a comprehensive market- and industry-based study that will benefit your work.

Why you should buy The Military GPS/GNSS Devices Market 2009-2019

The main benefits from your purchasing this report are:

* You will gain an understanding of the current market for military GPS/GNSS devices worldwide
* You will examine major programmes on military GPS/GNSS devices undertaken in leading markets
* You will receive sales forecasts for the global military GPS/GNSS devices market from 2009 to 2019, including submarkets
* You will receive sales forecasts for 12 leading national markets in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific from 2009 to 2019
* You will receive analyses for strengths and weaknesses of the military GPS/GNSS devices market from 2009 onwards, including market drivers and restraints
* You will discover original interviews with a leading manufacturer in the sector and with a company that provides testing of GPS products.

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