R4i SDHC supports Nintendo DSi LL (XL) which was released in Japan, soon in the U.S.

Well, with the latest kernel that updated to V1.12b, the R4i SDHC supports this new DS console - Nintendo DSi LL (XL).

Online PR News – 23-November-2009 – – As most gamers already know, Nintendo has released its next handheld gaming device in Japan, where the company is based. Well, with the latest kernel that updated to V1.12b, the R4i SDHC supports this new DS console - Nintendo DSi LL (XL).

The Nintendo DSi LL, or DSi XL as it will be called when released in the United States, pushes the limits of on-the-go gaming even further.

The device features two 4.2-inch screens (the original DSi has 3.25 -inch screens) and will be the same as its predecessor internally. However, it does boast increased battery life at 13-17 hours (the DSi had 9-14 hours of battery life). The DSi LL went on sale in Japan yesterday for the previously reported ¥20,000. That's around $218 in U.S. currency, which is close to what it will cost when released here.

So will the Nintendo DSi continue Nintendo's ownership of "the best-selling handheld game consol"? It's hard to tell with competition like the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Even though Nintendo representatives have been quoted as saying that the DSi LL will not compete with mobile phones like the iPhone or with the iPod Touch (or even the PSP), it's hard not to make the comparison. The Nintendo DSi LL will have the ability to download games via DSiWare. This is directly comparable to the iPhone's App Store and PSP and PSP Go's Playstation Store.

The Nintendo DSi XL will be available in North America in Q1 of 2010.


Review the features of R4i SDHC again:

1. Same size as an original DSi game cartridge.

2. Built-in PassMe (NO need for any boot cart./passcard etc.)

3. Uses micro SD memory card (Trans Flash) as storage.

4. Boot clean dump images (downloadable from internet).

5. Very simple to use: drag and drop files to the microSD card and play.

6. Standard FAT system support.

7. Supports different speeds of micro SD cards.

8. Supports HC memory cards.

9. Upgradable Firmware ( OS / Bios / Kernel )

10. Touch screen control and robust skinning support.

11. No battery needed, back up the save file directly into the microSD card.

12. Homebrew support , IO lib available on launch.

13. Supports WiFi, DS rumble pack and DS browser.