Pallet Stackers: Increased Interest

LiftScience is seeing an increased demand for pallet stackers.

Online PR News – 22-November-2009 – – LiftScience is seeing an increase demand for pallet stackers of all kinds including manual pallet stackers and straddle leg pallet stackers

A manual drive electric forklift is the most economical in terms of purchase price and on-going repair and maintenance. A typical warehouse employee will be able to move a 2000lb pallet on a smooth warehouse floor, although if you will be handling more than 10 pallets/day you should probably consider electric drive forklift.

The batteries in any of the electric forklift models you find on this page will easily last for several days in-between charging. Since battery power is only used when actually lifting, the power is conserved. You should however recharge the batteries often to maintain the health for a long life in any electric forklift.
Forklift Stabilization Legs

A fork over design electric pallet stacker have the forks lower right on top of the stabilization legs. The advantages of this electric forklift are that it is less expensive, takes up less space and can maneuver in tight aisles. The disadvantage electric forklift is since the forks are directly over the forklift stabilization legs, you cannot pick up a closed bottom pallet directly from the floor; however, this is still an excellent choice for unloading trucks and this disadvantage can be overcome with either open bottom pallets/skids or blocks.

A straddle leg electric forklift pallet stacker allow the forks to lower directly to the floor with the stabilization legs straddling either side of the pallet. Advantages of this forklift are it allows you to pick up closed bottom pallets directly from the floor. Disadvantages are it is more expensive to purchase/ship and it takes up more space.

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