A Guidebook to Pharma Brand Optimization - Lifecycle Management Strategy

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Online PR News – 21-November-2009 – – A Guidebook to Pharma Brand Optimization: Lifecycle Management Strategy (PH108)

With pipelines diminishing and generics becoming more aggressive, pharmaceutical companies must maximize their brands’ value and time on the market. Strategic and well-orchestrated lifecycle management efforts are crucial to maintaining a brand’s long-term health. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=71301&rt=A-Guidebook-to-Pharma-Brand-Optimization-Lifecycle-Management-Strategy-PH108.html )

A Guidebook to Pharma Brand Optimization analyzes the inner-workings of lifecycle management strategy, development and implementation processes. This study provides companies with the tools to improve their lifecycle management efforts by exploring top pharmaceutical companies’ LCM structures, processes, best practices, strategies and tactical approaches. The report makes its case with metrics and techniques for launching effective lifecycle management efforts.

* Structure and Funding – Learn how pharmaceutical companies are establishing dedicated lifecycle management teams to spearhead efforts. Benchmark functional involvement and funding support.

* LCM Processes, Challenges and Measurements – Examine top companies’ lifecycle management LCM objectives and goals. Analyze the processes companies take to launch comprehensive LCM strategies as well as many common challenges they must overcome to be successful.

* Drug Time Periods – Explore the strategies that companies should be considering at three major points in a drug’s lifecycle – pre-launch, peak and mature time periods. Within each time period are LCM tactic profiles that analyze the individual tactics in detail including resources, timeframes and real-world case studies.

* Individual LCM Brand Profiles – Uncover the resource support that individual brands receive for their lifecycle management efforts annually during pre-launch, peak and mature time periods.

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