Iknow-Northwest.co.uk sees UK Seaside Resort Soar As Blackpool Accommodation And Blackpool Tourism Booms

Iknow-northwest.co.uk has seen a growing interest in renting accommodation in Blackpool, as UK people race to the seaside resort for a well-deserved holiday.

Online PR News – 07-May-2009 – – Iknow-northwest.co.uk has seen a growing interest in renting accommodation in Blackpool, as UK people race to the seaside resort for a well-deserved holiday.

And the rise in Blackpool tourism is only expected to grow more as people flock to the North West to enjoy British summer weather.

With the tourism trade set to boom, http://www.iknow-northwest.co.uk offers the perfect platform for businesses to feature their properties online to drum up more business over the coming months.

With so much to see and do in Blackpool, travellers are clocking on to what is on offer in the current recession and businesses are already on the ball in providing the right deals for your holiday through Iknow-northwest.co.uk.

The website, last year, helped over 2,500 hospitality customers on their website, staying one step ahead of their competition. The website also received 7 million visitors by the end of October, almost 2 million up from 2007.

Visitors to the site have the luxury of accessing a variety of accommodation to rent within one location, knowing that they are looking at some of the best deals on the market for summer 2009.

Customers looking to rent a property in Blackpool

The marketing company also offers visitors to its site, a platform to access an array of properties, ranging from budget priced rooms to top-notch Blackpool accommodation across great locations in the Blackpool area.

The online marketing consultancy host a variety of different properties on their website such as; Blackpool hotels, Blackpool b&b, guest houses, holiday cottages, pubs and inns, holiday parks, holiday flats and apartments, to accommodate for all guests wishing to get away to Blackpool for a much deserved break away from the draining credit crunch.

The website is fast, easy to use, comprehensive and informative for the customer to locate their perfect property to stay.

The advanced search engine on the site allows visitors to categorise exactly what they are looking for when staying at a property. Guests can search under locations, types of accommodation, type, price and speciality. This ensures that the customer gets the best deal from the service and exactly what they are looking for.

The website also features tourist information in the area, allowing customers to plan their trip with activities and days out to suit their wishes and desires.

"We constantly work to improve the effectiveness of Internet advertising with iknow-uk both in terms of attracting more site visitors and also converting those visitors into enquiries and bookings,” said Simmons.

“The control panel has many features which allow customers to refine their listing including an online availability calendar which enables site visitors to conduct site-wide availability checks and narrow down their search by area, price and property type."

Whether business or pleasure, Blackpool has loads to offer

Whatever your reasons for visiting Blackpool, Iknow-Northwest offer a range of Blackpool accommodation across all areas of Blackpool, whether you are looking for a Blackpool bed and breakfast to stay with your partner, Blackpool hotels for you and your family or whether you are traveling to Blackpool for business.

The website is dedicated to offering customers information about the location of the Blackpool accommodation, and what is in and around the area. That way, you can make sure that you book the perfect property to suit your need and requirements.

Landlords looking to rent their property in Blackpool

Iknow-northwest is the UK’s fastest growing accommodation listing website, which allows anyone who owns their property within the North West to advertise their accommodation on the website.

The site offers property owners the platform to advertise their website to people wishing to stay in the Blackpool area.

The consultancy aims to provide an advertising tool for clients to feature their properties on the website to enhance business and attract potential visitors to their property.

Features of the site include a comprehensive control panel that allows clients to edit and refine all aspects of their online advertising. Clients may add photos and captions to their profile page to obtain the best results when advertising their properties.

Guidance is situated throughout the site, provided by iknow-Northwest.co.uk, to ensure clients use the maximum potential the website has to offer.

A key feature to the online consultancy site is the ability to show potential visitors direct access online to when the client’s property is available.

The page has been set up to display a calendar, which summarises the availability of the property and not individual rooms.

Iknow-Northwest website also features a last minute category whereby clients who opt to use the calendar feature, will see their properties be placed in the last minute directory for guests wishing to find a quick getaway or last minute deal.

Links can also be made direct to the clients’ website through iknow-northwest.co.uk.

Marcus Simmons, Managing Director iknow-uk ltd, said, "The internet is changing the way people find and book accommodation. Hotel, B&B and other accommodation owners have to learn quickly how to benefit from the effectiveness of Internet advertising.

“Most importantly we deliver results! This is demonstrated by over 90 per cent of our customers renewing each year because of the exceptional results they achieve over their 12 month subscription."

With so much to see and do in Blackpool from now into the near future, visit the Iknow-northwest website to find about the latest offers on Blackpool accommodation and book your trip to the seaside resort to see what all the fuss is about.



The www.iknow-Northwest.co.uk website is part of a larger online consultancy company called iknow-uk.com.

The firm specialise in rental accommodation, providing a platform for people to advertise their properties to rent across the UK.

The company’s main Internet advertising websites are www.iknow-northwest.co.uk, www.iknow-northwest.co.uk, www.iknow-northwest.co.uk, www.iknow-northwest.co.uk, www.iknow-northwest.co.uk and www.iknow-northwest.co.uk.

The online marketing site is keen to expand their sites, adding www.iknow-scotland.co.uk, www.iknow-somerset.co.uk, www.iknow-dorset.co.uk and www.iknow-kent.co.uk to their site in the last 12 months.

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