Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence Expanding the Role and Reach of CI
11/20/2009 added a new report on "Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence: Expanding the Role and Reach of CI (PH110)" examines top companies practices to provide a guide for improving CI efforts.

Online PR News – 20-November-2009 – – Solidify competitive intelligence’s presence to optimize decision making
Pharmaceutical competitive intelligence (CI) helps drive decision-making processes across an organization. As a forward-thinking, proactive support function, CI influences business development and brand management, among other areas. CI identifies market risks as well as business growth opportunities. ( )

Recent years have seen CI groups on the upswing. Their role is evolving and developing a greater emphasis on adding strategic value. At the same time, CI’s budgets and staffing are increasing. Recent trends in structuring have led to increased efficiency. These are certainly encouraging signs, and CI groups are adapting to the changes.But there is still much work to be done. CI teams still must fight for resources to succeed. They must also demonstrate their value and trumpet their successes. To not only survive, but to thrive as a function, CI must attract top talent, increase its reach and create a CI culture within an organization.Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence examines top companies’ practices to provide a guide for improving CI efforts. This report presents the focal points of the research in three chapters:

* Structuring for Success – Provides details on CI structures, including global-level reporting lines and placements; ways in which CI team trumpet their successes and create CI cultures; and the career paths laid out to make CI teams breeding grounds for future pharma leaders
* Resourcing for Growth – Reveals CI department-level budgets and staffing; brand-level phase-by-phase spending and staffing, which groups fund CI; and how companies demonstrate ROI on CI
* Increasing CI’s Reach – Examines how companies communicate their strategic value to internal clients and the resources and tools for collecting CI

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