Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Free with Certain Picture Lights / Wall Lamps for Art

Many high quality incandescent picture lights for artwork can be used with compact fluorescent bulbs – to save electricity, and to reduce the heat produced by ordinary incandescent bulbs. Perfect Picture Lighting helps you celebrate the holidays with generous coupons and special offers on picture lamps, incandescent bulbs (T10s) and CFL bulbs. Because of their proximity to the factory this company can fulfill orders for world class quality House of Troy Picture Lights faster than any other online lighting retailers.

Online PR News – 20-November-2009 – – Perfect Picture Lighting wassails away as the Christmas season fast approaches and we’re selling House of Troy picture lights all over the country. Right now we are telling our customers about many of our incandescent lamp picture light choices in which they can substitute a ##--2--## set. Coupon PPL2SB gives 2 sets of free bulbs (T10’s or CFL’s) for any incandescent picture lights priced over $100 (bulbs must ship with the lamp purchased).
Multiplying the moments you rely on energy saving light bulbs can lower your electricity bills dramatically. Now, multiply the numbers of free ##--3--## you might be receiving if you purchase an incandescent lamp / picture light before Christmas. See our PPL2SB coupon offer at the bottom of this article and you’ll be saving beaucoup money and energy by yuletide. Of course the coupon is also good for 2 free sets of T10 incandescent bulbs / per picture light if you prefer.
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs use an infinitesimal amount of power compared to their hot headed cousins – those tubular T10 incandescent bulbs. The latest generation of CFL bulbs use from 85 to 90% less electricity and that is a fact. Furthermore, incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat, one of their energy wasting features. CFLs run cooler, but by the miracle of science their color rendering index (CRI) and their Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) are now measurably closer to the favorable qualities of incandescent light.
These improved energy saving light bulbs are designed to fit into the sockets of many of our incandescent picture lights. Their tiny compact coils fit neatly and invisibly within the elegantly crafted metal shades of Traditional and Contemporary plug-in styles and the DC (direct-wire Contemporary) and the DT (Direct Wire Traditional) styles. They also fit into the Hyde Park (HP) style picture lights and the Richardson Reflector series. Basically over 80 incandescent wall lamp picture lights, in many metal finishes, sizes and styles could be lit up just as beautifully but much more efficiently by Compact Fluorescent Bulbs.
These are just a few of the hundreds of world renowned picture light styles made in Vermont by House of Troy’s honest country craftsmen. Many of these styles, particularly the Hyde Park picture lights, come with distinctively designed cousins in the wall sconce family, as well as floor lamps, swing arm wall lamps and pendant light fixtures. Finding a “style family” of lights isn’t just vanity lighting is one of the key home décor elements that can help you build unity from room to room.
Along with our many marvelous picture lights, most wall sconce lights would handily support a CFL. This is because the shield that “ensconces” the light conceals the CFL bulb shape and gently disperses the cool low energy light as a glow. So many styles of lighting, if they have any sort of “ensconcement” would be prime targets for energy saving light bulbs. While many ##--1--## fixturess wouldn’t support a CFL, a pendant chandelier would -- due to the “pendant” shielding the bulb. Most designers emphasize that a mix of ceiling and wall lamps is ideal not only to build up the “layers of light”, but also to reduce glare and enhance the comfort of each room. New styles like low voltage track lighting, particularly pendant track lighting, could also easily use CFL bulbs.
The Offer: has great holiday offers to bring even more light into your life. Coupon PPL$5 gives $5 off any lamp over $50. Coupon PPL$10 gives $10 off any lamp over $150.
Two coupons expire January 31, 2010. PPL$30 gives $30 off any lamp over $300, and coupon PPL2SB gives 2 sets of free bulbs (T10’s or CFL’s) for any incandescent picture lights priced over $100 (bulbs must ship with the lamp purchased). Plus -- every lamp over $80 has Free Shipping.

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