Atmocean To Discuss Wave-Energy Ocean Pumps At Copenhagen Climate Meeting

Ocean wave-energy pumps by Atmocean bring up nutrient-rich water to increase growth of plankton, naturally absorbing CO2 and providing food supply to grow more ocean fish.

Online PR News – 19-November-2009 – – ATMOCEAN’S ( ocean wave-energy pump technology is featured at The Copenhagen Climate Exchange ( in Copenhagen December 3-6, 2009 under the theme “More Fish – Less CO2”.

In his presentation scheduled for 6pm on Thursday, December 3 at Okneshallen Conference Hall in downtown Copenhagen, Atmocean CEO Philip Kithil will explain how the Company’s ocean pumps bring up nutrient-rich water from 125 meters deep, to increase the growth of plankton. More plankton naturally absorb CO2 while providing more food for ocean fish. The technology closely mimics natural upwelling, does not add any foreign material or chemical to the ocean, is low cost, and can be scaled quickly to return the global oceans to their pre-industrial condition.

Atmocean – featured in the Discovery Channel program “Hungry Ocean” which premiered in September 2008 – is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, and has conducted ocean testing from port cities worldwide, including Galveston, Texas; St. Georges, Bermuda; San Diego, Long Beach, and Santa Barbara California; and Honolulu, Hawaii; with plans for Ensenada, Mexico and Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

By commencing pump deployment in 2010, Atmocean will measure and quantify any side effects, while verifying ocean absorption of about 35 tons more CO2 and increase in fish populations of 1,000 kg annually achieved by each ocean pump.

Atmocean intends to manufacture its pumps in host countries worldwide to maximize the economic benefits – generating thousands of jobs, reviving the ocean fishing industry, improving port utilization, and helping the host country offset its CO2 emissions while maintaining economic growth. According to Kithil, “This unilateral approach can greatly accelerate tangible mitigation of climate change and global warming, and could spur multilateral and international actions, as host countries employing Atmocean pumps gain competitive advantages against the laggards.”

According to Dr. Brian Von Herzen, Executive Director of The Climate Foundation, "It is imperative that we utilize technologies such as those developed by Atmocean to restore fisheries and keep them at sustainable levels, while investigating these techniques to safely and effectively sequester gigatons of carbon, as Nature has done for the past 3 billion years."

For more information, please visit the Company website, or contact Philip W. Kithil, telephone 505-310-2294, email

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