The Fifth Science Network Launched -

Cloaked with secrecy for a thousand years, the Gnostic Brotherhood of the Druze has broken the silence that has been with the society of a thousand years.

Online PR News – 01-April-2011 – – Cloaked with secrecy for a thousand years, the Gnostic Brotherhood of the Druze has broken the silence that has been with the society of a thousand years. The spiritual mind science referred to as The Exclusive Fifth Science is a forsaken identity even among their members.

For a number of years, The Druze struggled to make their spiritual science known to humanity to shed light on its nature, rather than to convert. Efforts were directed to open its doors to its estranged brothers and sisters who have been deprived of the significance of true Gnosticism in their unique identity. It can be recalled that they suffered heavily, persecuted and ostracized by many religious institutions, ridiculed by the Lebanese Parliament and misconstrued as a cult. Resorting to the world wide wed domain, was not easy too for the true believers of Gnosticism, although there is little success in this medium.

The has been restructured, from its original The network has its roots from the academic presentation of the Fifth Science in substance. With the new platform, it is hoped that more people can communicate, discuss and share their thoughts on the spiritual science of the Gnostics. The interactive mode is employed by the network to encourage people to participate or comment and discuss anything that has a Gnostic relevance of universal nature - philosophical, metaphysical, spiritual. It is open to everybody regardless of age, culture, race or ideology. Eventually, participants can join an online dialogue and journey together in discovering the truths and to understand fully the ancient wisdom called the Fifth Science.

According to ancient Greek, Gnosis was the true knowledge. The spiritual science of the Gnostics accordingly came from the ancient Greek knowledge theory of great Greek philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato, beyond the metaphysical bounds. The textual source of the Fifth Science is the manuscript that survived among the Druze Brotherhood of the Levants.

For the first timers to the spiritual science, provided a section where one can get an insight into what it is all about. It is necessary to have a basic understanding of the Fifth Science. From thence, you can use the blogs and forum sections to post your thoughts or comments. It is, however, exhorting those who want to join the network that proper decorum is observed while posting comments and thoughts, and give due respect to others.

The Authentic Gnostics among the Druze reveals the Fifth Science as a universal truth and thus, requires a universal understanding. The forbidden knowledge is said to be rejected, hidden from mass consciousness and the truth has been distorted to serve the interests of the secular and religious powers.

According to the Gnostics, this has reinforced the behavioral ignorance and spiritual deprivation of humanity and negates the cognitive level of the human mind. In true Gnosis, the Universal Mind communicates The Word through the Universal Soul and the soul resides in the human body to be able to express human emotions. It is believed that once the body dies, the soul leaves and transfers to another human immediately and born again to another mother.