Spidvid - Connecting Video Production Individuals

Spidvid.com launches its platform to provide a web powered alternative to the video production model used by traditional studios.

Online PR News – 19-November-2009 – – Toronto, Canada -- Spidvid provides the social framework needed so that individuals can connect to form production teams, collaborate on video projects together, distribute the content, and give credit and compensation back to each member involved.

“Back in early 2008 I saw a video which had an entertaining animated effect in it” recalls founder Jeremy Campbell. “All the video creator did was include a quick “special thanks to animator name” at the end of the video, which I felt wasn't enough credit based on the services offered. I did more research to find many more similar examples so I knew that this collaborative relationship was very beneficial to the creators. I saw huge future potential in developing a platform which could better connect these individuals together, compensate all individuals involved on production teams, and to accomplish this on a large scale.”

Spidvid is now actively building a community of like-minded individuals to create an open talent network that disruptes the status quo of the closed studio entities. “We were determined to re-define and re-think the way that quality video content could be produced” Campbell says.

Spidvid also provides a feature where video viewers can get involved by submiting an idea or script they have. These ideas can be wiki-edited, rated, and are ranked according to their overall popularity.

It used to be true that only the large powerful entertainment studios were capable of creating quality content that a large audience could enjoy. This is no longer the case as the economics and tools available to the masses have leveled the playing field for virtually anyone with an idea, some talent, and passion to gain visibility on a global scale.

The Hollywood production model which has enjoyed success for decades now, is starting to lose its appeal with the emergence of social platforms such as Spidvid and the individuals behind the powerful new movement. Human capital is now the most important part of the puzzle, everything else is now considered a commodity.

“Spidvid provides a powerful connective utility, and we really look forward to seeing all of the quality content which is produced by our community.” adds Campbell.

Spidvid is now in private beta and site access is through invite only. Visit Spidvid.com, click “Sign Up”, provide your email address to get added to our waiting list, and become part of our production community.

About Spidvid
Spidvid.com is the first social platform where individuals in the video creation industry can connect, collaborate, produce quality content together, and offer credit and compensation to each team member. Spidvid is a property of parent company, Socially Collaborative Media Inc.

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