and The Poor Chef Are Cooking up Great Things for Others

Both started their businesses to help others, “Business Beware” by trying to be a “voice” for businesses and giving businesses a “tool” to help them with their customers. “The Poor Chef” by creating great healthy food at a great price, especially in today’s economy...

Online PR News – 19-November-2009 – – One thing that brings these two organizations together is the passion to help others. Both started their businesses to help others, 'Business Beware' by trying to be a 'voice' for businesses and giving businesses a 'tool' to help them with their customers. 'The Poor Chef' by creating great healthy food at a great price, especially in today’s economy. is where people can help others who have been dealing with some 'hard to please customers.' In the same way that the Better Business Bureau helps customers report problems with a business, Business Beware allows licensed Businesses and Contractors to share about customer experiences that have become a problem. You may have a customer that you cannot collect money from, or a customer that is very hard to please, etc. Business Beware is your outlet to get the word out about customer experiences that have gone bad, and warn fellow businesses. This is not a typical site where you learn how to deal with a customer, this is where you can do something about problem customers. Business Beware wants to "Put Trust back into the relationship between Businesses and Customers."

For so long customers have had so many outlets available for them to use to rate businesses. All of them are great sites for consumers, but what about the business and their side? With Business Beware, we want to give your business a voice where you have the chance to tell your side of the story too. Not all customers are bad, there are just some that literally take advantage of businesses any way they can. Businesses need an outlet they can warn fellow businesses about these certain type of customers for future reference. The site also spotlights small businesses around the US and Canada. Whether they are nominated by fellow members, businesses or handpicked by Business Beware, the business gets to tell their story of how they got to where they are, and share it with others. For more information about Business Beware, please visit or email

Charles Mattocks also known as 'The Poor Chef’ is the newest entrée on an extensive menu of iron chefs. With the success of his NBC segment that has aired on ‘daytime’ for the past year, Charles is set to release his first magazine. the poor chef magazine is a cross between food meets health meets life. Charles wanted to take the best of what was on the market now and fuse it with real life and real people. With deep roots in the Caribbean and raised in the melting pot of New York, Charles is that breath of fresh air taking both the online and traditional media by storm. The Poor Chef is syndicated in close to ten NBC affiliate markets nationwide, and is garnering support from a variety of places. This breakout program is seeing tremendous success across the board including the West Indian and Latino communities, as they have traditionally been underrepresented by consumer brands. The Poor Chef is the opportunity afforded to viewers to showcase their cooking skills and fans of the show can join Charles in the kitchen and create their own signature $7 dishes.

As multi-talented as Charles Mattocks is, designing The Poor Chef and the brand that surrounds it is definitely his calling. Viewers can check out The Poor Chef in action and get recipes and other helpful hints on his website 24/7. The passion Charles has for his work and the people it impacts is evident, and he’s utilizing several mediums to reach this friction of viewers who desire a healthy lifestyle and better quality of life. For more information about The Poor Chef, please visit or email

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