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Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are a significant threat in many conflict zones, most notably in Afghanistan and Iraq this decade.

Online PR News – 19-November-2009 – – Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are a significant threat in many conflict zones, most notably in Afghanistan and Iraq this decade. These makeshift bombs can be presented surreptitiously and used without warning, to devastating effect, especially against patrolling troops. The IED countermeasures market is an increasingly important defence sector that will exhibit growth over coming years, as this new defence report - The Counter-IED Systems Market 2009-2019 - shows. Our new study examines both commercial and technological aspects of the counter-IED sector analytically.

Importantly, IEDs have accounted for a majority of the casualties among coalition forces operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. IEDs also cause death and injuries to civilians there and in other conflict zones. In this new report you will see how IEDs remain a frequent, deadly threat to US and other coalition personnel in combat zones, especially in Afghanistan at present. Consequently, there remains a large, growing market for IED countermeasures and defence, with many countries investing steadily in those products. Increased deployment and development of those technologies from 2009 onwards will reduce casualties, visiongain believes. There is high potential in that sector for both public and private-sector developments.

The US has spent several billions of dollars in recent years to acquire and deploy mine-resistant vehicles, jammers against radio-controlled IEDs and new explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) tools. The US currently dominates the market for counter-IED products and systems. Several other countries, especially those that operate with the US in Afghanistan, have also moved to protect against IEDs. Visiongain predicts continuing demand in the worldwide counter-IED systems market from 2009 onwards.

Comprehensive analysis of the counter-IED systems market

The Counter-IED Systems Market 2009-2019 examines that sector comprehensively, providing a review of current programmes and products, with an emphasis on revenues. Our work applies study of policy documents, news reports, industry publications, sales analyses and consultations with experts. This report provides detailed sales forecasts, a SWOT analysis and analyses of market drivers and restraints. We also provide three full interviews with experts from the IED sector. There are 50 tables and figures included. The result is a comprehensive market- and industry-centred report, with detailed analyses and informed opinion to benefit your work.

In particular, our new report discusses the global outlook for the following submarkets:

Mine-resistant vehicles
Anti-IED jammers
Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) systems (including EOD unmanned ground vehicles).

Why you should buy The Counter-IED Systems Market 2009-2019

The main benefits from your purchasing this report are:

You will gain an understanding of the current market for counter-IED systems
You will receive sales forecasts for the global counter-IED systems market from 2009 to 2019
You will receive sales forecasts for 10 leading national markets worldwide, with Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific regions covered from 2009 to 2019
You will examine major programmes and contracts for counter-IED systems undertaken in leading national markets
You will examine detailed analyses of market drivers and restraints from 2009 onwards, including a SWOT analysis
You will read full, original interviews from three major suppliers of counter-IED systems, including companies producing mine-resistant vehicles, jammers and EOD UGVs.

Examination of our forecast period, 2009 to 2019, reveals potential increases in sales and technological development, as the world’s militaries acquire greater defensive measures against IEDs. Which submarkets have the greatest value and will experience the highest growth? Which countries will spend most on counter-IED systems over the next decade? Will countries choose to field large numbers of counter-IED systems, or will those deployments be limited to specialist units? Our new report provides you with information that you need to understand the counter-IED sector.

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Anybody with an interest in the development and sale of counter-IED systems will gain valuable information and insight from this new study. This sector has emerged as an important market with high potential for sales growth and technological development. If you want to know more about current trends and future possibilities there, stay ahead by ordering this report today.

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