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This brand new report assesses the exciting opportunities presented by one of the defence industry’s few growing markets in a climate of economic uncertainty.

Online PR News – 19-November-2009 – – Our market study examines the leading military users of PGMs and details the requirements that are driving global sales growth. We examine the commercial prospects for companies involved in supplying weapons and components in the PGMs marketplace. This analytical report defines the current state of the PGMs market and discusses its potential for growth from 2009 onwards, with market forecasting carried out at the global and national levels.

Our analysis has concluded that worldwide spending on PGMs in 2008 totalled $2.5bn. We examine the combination of factors that are resulting in an increasing uptake of PGMs by air forces around the world and we explore the latest technological breakthroughs in this dynamic, growing sector. Our report details the specific capability gaps that armed forces around the world will be seeking to fill by purchasing PGMs over our forecast period.

How much do individual countries plan to spend on PGMs between 2009 and 2019? Where are the major market growth opportunities over the next decade? How are emerging PGM technologies shaping the future of air-to-surface precision-strike capabilities? Who are the leading PGM companies and what market share do they have? These critical questions and many more can be answered through our in-depth research, as presented in this report.

A comprehensive analysis of the global precision-guided munitions market

Precision-Guided Munitions Market 2009-2019 examines the global market for PGMs from an impartial standpoint. We offer a review of significant contracting activity and major weapon systems based on our analysis of information obtained from multiple sources. The report draws on a combination of official corporate and governmental announcements, media reports, policy documents, industry statements and expert opinion.

Precision-Guided Munitions Market 2009-2019 provides detailed sales forecasts for the global PGMs market and leading national markets; a SWOT analysis; discussions of commercial and technological trends; and assessments of commercial drivers and restraints. The report identifies the leading PGM companies and quantifies their market share. This report also includes two original interviews with leading industry experts. This package of analyses cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Why you should buy Precision-Guided Munitions Market 2009-2019?

The main benefits from you purchasing this report:

* You will form a clear understanding of the current state of the global PGMs market and will come to appreciate how it is expected to develop, based on our market forecasts for 2009 to 2019.
* You will be able to examine our detailed global sales forecasts – as well as national sales forecasts for the 10 leading national markets – providing you with a thorough overview of the market.
* You will gain an insight into the market’s potential for further growth by examining the major commercial drivers and restraints.
* You will learn how air forces around the world are deploying the latest developments in PGM technology to fill specific capability gaps.
* You will discover who the top 10 PGM market leaders are, how the leading players are performing and what their market share is.
* You will acquire an awareness of how technological advances are shaping market prospects for the decade ahead.
* You will be come to appreciate the range of factors affecting market growth with our analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
* You will learn what leading experts believe the future holds by reading two original interviews discussing topics such as: the advantages of PGMs over unguided munitions and other factors which are driving customer choice.

Aerial bombing missions carried out by the US and allied nations in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years have demonstrated the substantial gains in efficiency that can be realised through the deployment of PGMs. Combat-proven air-to-surface weapons technology is set to be adopted more widely as the munitions inventories of the world’s air forces are modernised. The acquisition of PGMs is expected to increase steadily over the next decade, despite pressure on defence budgets and general economic uncertainty.

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