New Report "User Interfaces 2009-2014: Enabling a compelling User Experience for the iPhone & Web 2.0 era" available through Aarkstore Enterprise

The UI is a holistic term encompassing all elements of a handset (hardware and software) that contribute towards the end-user’s experience with a mobile device

Online PR News – 19-November-2009 – – Within a short timeframe, the iPhone series of devices has helped fuel adoption of mobile applications and web access in North America and Europe unlike any device before. In the seven years prior to the launch, the paucity of user-friendly mobile web-focused devices proved a major obstacle to optimal growth in users and traffic.

Thanks to innovative multi-touch gesture user interfaces, faster processing and large screens, users are now more aware of the benefits of web access with mobility. The introduction of advanced user interfaces has been pivotal in finally realising the possibility and benefit of mobile applications and web browsing to a wide audience, particularly in developed markets. Supported by increasing bandwidth in mobile networks, improved user experience has encouraged uptake, particularly as an extension of any given user’s online desktop experience, evidenced by the widespread adoption of mobile versions of leading social networking sites, through the browser, ODPs and other applications. This is illustrated by Apple through the iPhone, whose users in the UK are five times more likely to browse the web than owners of other mobile phones.

The move triggered a wave of touch interface releases with large screens from rival device manufacturers. Devices such as the HTC Hero and the Palm Pre signify a new generation in UI, which other market-leading forces such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson will bolster through their own releases over the coming year. It is within this context that the development of user interface technologies forms a crucial component, providing the platform which will help generate new revenue streams from advertising and content/application downloads, on top of subscriptions.

The UI is a holistic term encompassing all elements of a handset (hardware and software) that contribute towards the end-user’s experience with a mobile device. It is the system of screen images, devices and software components that allows the user to interact with and control the handset's operating system.

Based on analysis of the position of key participants across the value chain, including operators, media agencies, software application providers, access providers, marketing specialists and trade association representatives, this 130+ page report analyses the market drivers and barriers affecting user interfaces, devices and applications.

Questions answered in this report include:

• How will the market for input devices develop? Which UI technology will dominate the market by 2011? Which new innovative solutions should be looked out for?
• How will display technologies improve and what revenues will be seen by 2014?
• What is the business case for an intuitive UI and to what extent can it increase data ARPU?
• Which services will gain most from an intuitive UI?
• What are vendors’ strategies with regards to proprietary OS in low end/mid range handsets?
• What are the benefits of a customised and customisable UI?
• How can Off-line Portals enhance the user experience in combination with the UI?
• How will the market for client server applications on mobile devices develop by 2011?
• What market share will the Series 60 and Series x0 UIs command by 2011?

Why you should buy this report:

• Network Operators: Gain insight into mean of increasing ARPU through the device itself. How to customise portals and products on the market
• Device Manufacturers: Understand how to customise the UI and gain competitive advantage in the process
• OEM/ODM: Learn how to plan for the handsets hardware/software elements
• Consultants: Understand the dynamics of the UI value chain and key players involved in this space
• Application developers: Develop the solutions needed by operators
• UI Vendors: Understand the market dynamics, market share and market evolution.

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