Energy Efficiency, Commercial Demand Response, and Advanced Building Management Systems
11/19/2009 added a new report on "Energy Management Systems for Commercial Buildings" which gives in-depth analysis and emerging market for commercial building Energy Management Systems.

Online PR News – 19-November-2009 – – Energy Management Systems for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are the largest single consumers of energy in the United States. We live in a 24/7 environment where buildings and the equipment in them are running all the time. Whether it is heating up the office in morning before we come in or lights in offices, parking lots, hallways, and in other locations that are on for between 6 and 24 hours each day, or data centers where numerous racks of servers run constantly, our buildings are constantly consuming energy. The result is that commercial buildings are responsible for approximately 20% of the energy used annually in the U.S. ( )

To reduce this usage and its associated costs and carbon emissions, a number of vendors are promoting a new generation of energy management systems (EMS), which are a combination of building management systems and advanced software solutions that assist in managing the building functions in a more energy efficient way to provide demand response controls when situations within the power grid demand it. The EMS market is still fairly nascent, but it anticipates ample opportunities for growth as new companies focused on the space emerge, and longstanding IT companies and building management system companies gravitate to this growing market. Key market players include companies as diverse as Johnson Controls, EnerNOC, Scientific Conservation, Cisco, and others. It forecasts that all of these factors will help drive the commercial demand response market to over 75,000 megawatt hours and the commercial building energy efficiency market to over $6.3 billion by 2020.

This report analyzes the emerging market for commercial building Energy Management Systems in depth, including a focus on energy efficiency, advanced building management systems, and the commercial demand response sector. Based on extensive supply-side and demand-side analysis, the report provides a comprehensive examination of business models and market drivers, technology issues, and the competitive landscape within this dynamic space. The report includes detailed market forecasts through 2020 along with profiles of key industry players.

Key questions addressed:

* What What does the current landscape for energy management systems for commercial buildings look like?
* Who are the key players in the commercial energy management systems market?
* What are the interconnected aspects of demand response, energy efficiency, and building management systems?
* What does the future of the commercial demand response market look like?
* What does the future of the commercial building energy efficiency market look like?

Who needs this report?

* Building owners and managers
* Energy management system software vendors
* Investment community
* Utilities and energy provider
* Demand response customers
* Demand response providers

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