Worldwide demand of Filters for water and wastewater treatment market
11/19/2009 added a new report on "World Filters" which gives in-dept analysis and market forecast on world Filters.

Online PR News – 19-November-2009 – – World Filters to 2013

Global demand to rise 5.1% annually through 2013
Global demand for filters is forecast to expand 5.1 percent per year through 2013 to $58.3 billion. Market gains in the Africa/Mideast region, developing parts of the Asia/Pacific region, Eastern Europe and Latin America will considerably outpace increases in the US, Western Europe and Japan through 2013. Sales advances in developing areas will be driven by healthy economic growth, ongoing industrialization efforts and rising personal income levels, bolstering manufacturing output, building construction spending, and motor vehicle and motorcycle ownership levels. Stricter and better-enforced environmental and product purity rules in a number of these countries will also contribute to increases in filter demand, as will new household formations and additional population growth. China will post the biggest gains of any national market, with sales growth also expected to be strong in India and Russia, as well as in lower-volume markets like Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, South Africa and Brazil. ( )

Product demand will climb at a more moderate rate in developed nations, fueled by generally favorable economic conditions, higher income levels and the implementation of more stringent environmental standards, boosting associated filter sales. Nevertheless, these mature markets will remain the most intensive users of filters in per capita terms in 2013, reflecting the advanced nature of their economies, as well as the large numbers of filter-containing equipment in use, supporting substantial aftermarket filter demand.

Air purification filters to register strongest sales
Air purification filters will register the strongest sales increases through 2013. Demand will be spurred by rising manufacturing and mining activity, a worldwide trend toward urbanization, the construction of additional power generation and waste incineration facilities, and the enactment of tougher pollution control regulations in a number of areas. Sales of fluid filters will climb at the next fastest pace, stimulated by growth in nonagricultural water withdrawals as the world economy continues to expand, the implementation of stricter water pollution control standards and an ongoing trend toward urbanization, resulting in greater spending for water and wastewater treatment. However, ICE and related filters will remain by far the largest product segment. Demand for these items will be driven by ongoing growth in the number of motor vehicles and other ICEpowered equipment in use (most notably in China), further increases in motor vehicles output and climbing demand for products like cabin air and diesel particulate filters.

Consumer, utility markets to outpace transportation
Transportation equipment represents the largest single market for filtration products, but the consumer and utility markets will grow somewhat more quickly through 2013. Consumer product sales will be fueled by concerns about the quality of indoor air and drinking water supplies, population growth in rural and semi-rural areas where municipal supplies are not available, and rising per capita incomes in most parts of the world, helping make consumer filters more affordable. Utility filter market gains will be spurred by growing global demand for water and electric utility services, leading to the construction of numerous new power plants, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and waste incinerators. Suppliers of transportation equipment filters will benefit from an expansion in the overall number of motor vehicles, motorcycles and other transportation equipment in use, as well as from further growth in transportation equipment production.

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