V8 Choppers Poised To Redefine V8 Motorcycle Perceptions

By introducing into the market exceptional products, superior customer service, and a resilience to push past limits, V8 Choppers continues to exceed the expectations of what v8 motorcycles should be.

Online PR News – 28-March-2011 – – In 2003 a company came into existence, one that decided to push all boundaries of what it meant to ride “custom choppers”. It’s a company that viewed the industry as an entity that was missing something. And that something was a motorcycle that is currently redefining an era of substandard quality, and the need to be like everyone else.

V8 Choppers began like all other bike manufacturers, with a humble disposition to create something that has never been done. The product being a custom motorcycle with a bit of twist. They threw out the conventional v-twin motor and substituted it with a small block Chevy engine. Having to create a frame that would support the motor, they decided to get back to the roots of motorcycles and designed the bike to be a hard tail. “The first show that I ever went to, I took the only two bikes that I had completed. Both bikes sold during the week, and after that, I decided I knew what I was going to do” said Stan Hughes, owner of V8 Choppers. Since that time Daytona has been a staple for V8 Choppers who continues to go twice a year to push sales and increase awareness of the company.

After building custom choppers for a couple of years and watching the market in the industry, it was time to design and build a trike, and like all other products the company produces, it of course had to be a V8 Trike. Wanting to keep the signature style of the chopper, the Sport Trike frame was modeled around the existing frame. This allowed them to make sure that the motors currently in use would still mount up and fit properly without having to redesign the entire frame. Knowing what kind of horsepower came from the V8 motorcycles, the choice of transmission was easy. Using a power glide transmission, the Trikes come with a first and second gear, reverse, neutral, and park. Power glides have been tested over the years on race tracks all across the U.S., so sending a massive amount of horsepower to them would be no problem. The company later produced a second version of the Sport Trike called the Hot Rod Trike. This trike boasts a base motor of 400CI producing 520 horse power. The trike was produced for the individual who is only thinking about how fast they can reach the end of the quarter mile drag strip.

After years of being in business by producing V8 bikes, and two models of V8 trikes, the company has solidified its existence within the industry. By creating products that meet and exceed consumer expectations and backing up these products with customer service that consumers haven’t seen since the dawn of the digital age, V8 Choppers keeps pushing forward with innovation. It was time to create one more trike model. But unlike the last two this would house all the comforts needed to make the coast to coast trip. The Touring Trike as it was called features 10 cubic feet of trunk space making it one of the most spacious luggage compartments available. The newly designed seat allowed for better “two-up” riding on the long stretches of road in between fill ups, and a slightly larger radiator means cooler motor temperatures on those extended trips. The company decided to add a larger windshield to protect the rider from the elements. “This was a feature of the bike that we really struggled with” comments Stan. “We love the nice clean lines the bikes and trikes produce and were hesitant to disrupt the flow by mounting a windshield large enough to actually protect the rider. What we came up with was a ‘quick detach’ windshield that the rider can easily and quickly with zero tools add or remove. The idea was that when the customers reach their destination, they have the option of quickly removing the windshield and storing it in the trunk; allowing them to showcase their ride with no obstructions. The end result has to look good as well as be fully functional.” The Touring Trike can also be equipped with a full speaker system for the driver as well as the passenger. To take it even a notch higher, there are accessories offered that will allow the rider to mount their cellphones, GPS, iPods, and MP3 players. The rider even has the option of running the speaker system through a special helmet that allows the driver to talk with the passenger.

So what’s next? How does a company that offers a custom/production chopper and three different models of trikes for people with different riding habits keep progressing their products? Well the crew at V8 Choppers has just the thing. In early March 2011 at Daytona Bike Week the company launched a sneak peek at their new 2 speed transmission that will be fitted into a newly designed motorcycle. The cruising bike will feature all the goodies including; 2 speed transmission for lower RPM’s on the highway and a true reverse, optional luggage bags, windshield, fearing, and a suspension for soaking up the bumps. “Typically the suspension is a key component when designing a bike made to be rode for long distances, and for the new bike, it will be a key factor” says Stan, “ We are working on a new and very unique design that will be sure to impress.” With the introduction of this bike into the market, V8 Choppers will be poised to redefine the perceptions of the V8 motorcycle.

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