Yankees World Series Ring Selling on eBay

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Online PR News – 19-November-2009 – – AuctionOddBall.com, a website tracking top items selling on eBay, is reporting a Yankees World Series Championship Ring is currently being auctioned on eBay.

According to the sellers (eBay auction) listing. The ring had once belonged to player Cliff Johnson from the Yankees 1978 World Series Championship. The seller also states the ring had sold over 15 years ago for $14,000.

When James Massey, Publisher of AuctionOddBall.com was asked whether it's common to see Championship Sports Rings selling on eBay? He replied; "In the last 90 days a number of rings have been sold from past winners of the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA World Championship, and the Stanley Cup. It happens more often than people might think."

Massey also stated final eBay selling prices for championship rings often depends on the team and the player. Prices can range from several thousand, to tens of thousands of dollars.

At the time of this articles release, the top bid for the Yankees/Cliff Johnson World Series ring was $8,100 with six days to go before the auction ends on November 25th.

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