YouTube Muzzles Dog Expert with Lifetime Ban

Dog Expert/Biologist Censored, Banned from YouTube over simple documentary video clip about dogs

Online PR News – 19-November-2009 – – For Immediate Release:
Los Angeles, CA, November 18, 2009
YouTube Muzzles Dog Expert with Lifetime Ban

They went to the same college (Indiana University of PA) and ran for the same track coach, but that did not stop Chad Hurley’s YouTube from censoring and banning’s Michael Patton for life on November 5, 2009. Early that morning, Patton uploaded a short, simple dog documentary video ( consisting of still pictures of dogs Patton has known throughout the years. Soon after, his entire YouTube account and all his videos were history. Deleted.

One of those dogs in the video ( was a Chow Named MeeKim who was fighting to the death with another Chow named Tai. That was until Michael got involved and stopped the dog fighting with his brilliant and innovative methods. YouTube refused to give a specific reason for why it banned the dogtvcom account.

Patton, who received a B.S. in Biology at IUP, is a computer and biological scientist, blogger and documentary filmmaker who has been filming and documenting the behavior of domestic dogs for the past 14 years. He considers himself a ‘wildlife biologist’ because the behavior and genetics of dogs are so similar to wolves, such that science considers dogs to be a subspecies of wolf (canis lupus familiaris). Patton, who specializes in aggression and offleash training believes that the reason people have so many problems with dogs, is that they don’t understand that “Dogs are essentially wild animals living in your house. Sometimes a whole pack of them.”

“That’s why I started networks. To educate and let dogs tell their own story” said Patton. “Dogs are more than pets or helpers. They are coevolutionary partners to humanity in a story that goes back tens of thousands of years.

Upon restriction of his YouTube account,Patton immediately fired off an email demanding an explanation. YouTube responded “Hi dogtvcom,Thanks for your email. Your ‘dogtvcom’ account has been found to have violated our Community Guidelines. Your account has now been terminated. Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts” YouTube banned me for life. For telling a true story about dogs! No explanation and no opportunity to dispute or confront the accuser. Unbelievable!” said Patton.

Patton has several internet domains including and can publish his own videos, but says he is more concerned about the larger issue of internet censorship and the concentration of power into companies like Google who can arbitrarily stifle dissent, political speech, documentaries or other forms of expression via 'community guidelines' or 'terms of service.' “It’s one thing when a small website censors people, but when the most powerful information company on the planet deletes your online existence, makes you disappear, this is a very big deal” says Patton. “Millions of artists, writers and bloggers document their lives, put their minds, hearts and souls out onto YouTube and It can all be deleted with the click of a censor’s mouse.” Forever.


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