The Mafia Boss Releases the “Kidnap a Friend Facebook App”

Players Kidnap Their Friends on Facebook to Earn Their Ranking as the next Great Mafia Boss!

New York, NY – March 22, 2011 –The Mafia Boss, the most addicting mafia game online for the past seven years, is gearing up for massive expansion of their mafia empire with the launch of their mafia training module Kidnap a Friend as an application on Facebook!

Online PR News – 28-March-2011 – – Santosh Kumar, Marketing Manager of The Mafia Boss’, views the new Kidnap a Friend Facebook Application as the “kindergarten” or “training camp” for the fiercely competitive world of The Mafia Boss game.

“Apart from being fun as hell, the Kidnap a Friend Facebook App gives the much needed basic training of how cash and turns, the two most important aspects of the game work in The Mafia Boss” Kumar said. “Unlike those casual mafia games on Facebook, The Mafia Boss is a highly strategy and community oriented game and so we decided to come up with this Facebook App as an introduction to The Mafia Boss game.” Kumar said.

When players join Kidnap a Friend on Facebook ( they begin with $500m cash and 1,000 turns. They can “Kidnap” their friends, ask for a ransom of up to $100 million and write a threat that is posted on the friend’s Facebook wall. Friends of the player’s hostage can join the application, and then release their friend by paying the ransom money.

More Kidnap a Friend Features:

● Every time a player helps a friend get released they earn 100 turns.
● When a player kidnaps a friend they spend 20 turns so they need turns in order to kidnap others. The objective is keep trying to get friends released.
● Players can earn 100 turns for each friend they invite to the new application.
● Every successful kidnapping increases the players net worth by the amount of ransom received.
● The highest net worth tops the leaderboard among the player’s friends and among all users.

Quick Step-by-step guide for Kidnap a Friend:

● Login to Facebook, go to
● Join the app and go to "Kidnap" tab
● Kidnap friends and ask for a ransom
● Write a warning for your hostage
● A common friend can release a hostage by paying ransom money
● Send a reminder with a threat message to tease friends
● Get friends kidnapped by others and then released to earn 100 turns for release
● Invite friends to earn 100 turns for every friend that joins the app with your invitation
● Check the leaderboard to view your rankings amongst your friends and/or globally
So if you ever fancied the real mafia life experience then start kidnapping your friends on Facebook and prepare yourself for the big stage of The Mafia Boss game where the world’s most experienced mafiosos have been busy playing the fierce battle of mafia gangs, round over round since 2005!

About The Mafia Boss:
Created in 2005, The Mafia Boss is the oldest multi-player, web-based mafia game; the company is headquartered in Limmasol, Cyprus.

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