Starting an Ameriplan Business Is Now Permanently Less Expensive

Ameriplan is now giving new independent business owners the option to sign up without paying for the IBO packet if they would rather get the information on the internet.

Online PR News – 05-May-2009 – – ameriplan is now offering a choice for new independent business owners (IBOs) to sign up without purchasing the traditional IBO packet. IBOs pay a $50 monthly fee and receive the ability to sign up members and build a residual income. Until the new pricing was launched, they also paid a one time $45 fee at sign up for the IBO packet that included mail-in forms to sign up members and IBOs alike.

Over the last decade, Ameriplan has really moved on to the internet by offering its IBOs websites and the ability to sign up members instantly online. Because of the increasing use of these websites, the need to sign people up with mail-in forms has become obsolete.

"I’ve been with Ameriplan for more than 6 years, and during that time I have never signed up a member with a mail-in form. I’m sure some people still use them, but my business is completely online," says Jason Pachello; an Ameriplan IBO.

There are still a few holdouts to the new online way, and there will still be some need for these mail-in forms for years to come. For those who still want to work with pen and paper, the IBO packet is still available during sign-up for an additional $45. Those that don’t need them can opt out of the IBO packet and just pay the regular monthly fee with no additional charges at sign-up.

One of the better unintended consequences of the internet is the shrinking need for paper. Thousands of trees are cut down each year just too print bills and other disposable forms of record keeping. Ameriplan now joins a very long list of companies that are helping our environment by making the constant need for paper ever smaller.

Ameriplan is a seventeen year old company that offers discount health and dental programs to members. Anyone who wants to build an income can join ameriplan as an IBO (independent business owner) for a small fee per month and collect residual income from the members they personally sign up. Becoming an IBO now includes the websites needed to sign-up members and IBOs online without the need for any mail-in forms.

Along with the mail-in forms, the IBO packet also includes some sales aids like DVDs and brochures. All of these materials have also been reproduced on the internet now, and customers have the ability to watch the movies and look at the program details any time they want.

Ameriplan is constantly expanding its member, provider and IBO bases. In the last few years, they have begun to offer several new discount programs that don’t have anything to do with health or dental. Two new programs will soon be available; one is another discount health program that includes vision and hearing, and the other is a package of programs that include identity theft assistance and auto club.

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