Waterlaso Completes New Album Wild Offers Free Download of First Single

Waterlaso Completes Wild LP and Releases Sensual Predators as a Free Single MP3 Download

Online PR News – 18-November-2009 – – After spending much of the last year and a quarter writing and recording fresh material, Waterlaso is set to release its conceptual album “Wild”. Songs included on the album such as "The Teenager Who Won’t Sleep with Me" and “We're The Sonic Sisters" are already being poached for the upcoming movie “American Standard”. The “Wild” LP features 12 new songs with inventive song titles and original artistic direction.

Waterlaso is offering its first single “Sensual Predators” as a free mp3 download to any person and or web entity wishing to carry it on their website and or blog as a free download. The artist is encouraging those with a platform “to give it away” to their visitors. The virtual single which stands well as a singular listen is also part of a dynamic album that lives up to its name.

Waterlaso’s core founder and songwriter, Michael Cameron said, “The first single Sensual Predators received extremely strong feedback from those who have previewed an early version of "Wild and the popularity of the song at shows seems to attract a new audience who previously weren't familiar with Waterlaso”. Michael continues, “We want people to hear and enjoy our first single and therefore are offering it as a free virtual single for download”.

Waterlaso has recently played a round of shows at smaller venues around the Los Angeles area including an annual Halloween party that the band has hosted two years straight. The new album which is available from their MySpace page for preview showcases some of Wild’s offerings. The free virtual single Sensual Predators is available for free distribution by download at the following link - http://www.sendspace.com/file/oi7ztk. The band’s manager Mr. Leon Spruce can also be contacted at waterlaso@gmail.com.