Market Leaders in Online Sales of Venetian Glass

Eurostyle Trading Corporation, market leaders in online sales of Venetian Glass, have launched a new version of their website;

Online PR News – 27-March-2011 – – Eurostyle Trading Corporation, market leaders in online sales of Venetian Glass, have launched a new version of their website; Unlike conventional web malls that use a standard template for selling many products, has been carefully tailored to meet the unique requirements of Murano glass.

"We only sell authentic Glass Jewelry, accessories and home decor produced by the Artisans on the the Venetian island of Murano," said Kevin Grinberg, Founder and CEO of GlassOfVenice. "Each item is hand made using ancient techniques, handed down over the generations; we try to match that dedication in our website, with a wide range of Venetian glass products and individual high quality images and descriptions for each unique item."

We also introduced a new 2-tier affiliate program that allows our affiliates to earn 10% of every sale that is made through the links from their sites. Affiliates also get 2% of the sales generated from their own affiliates. Online enrollment in the program is free and easy. Through the comprehensive online reporting system, affiliates can track clicks generated from their sites and revenues their links generated.

Artistic glass making on Murano has a long history that goes back 700 years to the very start of the Renaissance period. It's always had a major role in Venetian economy and culture, and today it's still an important part of the beauty and attraction of Venice. GlassOfVenice works directly with the Murano Artisans, making their wares available worldwide at the lowest possible prices on an easy to use and informative web site, with 100% secure ordering. is not just a sales outlet, the knowledgeable staff are just as passionate about Venetian glass as the discerning and dedicated customers. The attractive well-designed website includes a wealth of information about the history of Venetian glass making, the different styles and techniques, and about Venice itself, complete with a very informative well-written blog dedicated to all things related to Murano glass and Venice. Anybody who likes Venice will love browsing the site, it's a second best to actually being there.

With such unique items and such wide range of products, it is very important to organize products well and present them in a clear way. GlassOfVenice sort products into specific categories, with individual entries for each article. They welcome questions and inquires from people looking for specific products, or just wanting to know more about what's on offer.

"GlassOfVenice is staffed by real people, we only deal in one type of product, and we're passionate about it!", boasts Kevin. "We're in direct contact with the Artisans; whatever you're looking for, we either have it or can find it." Browsing through GlassOfVenice's extensive range of products, from trendy Millefiori Jewelry to unique Murano silverware, it's clear that's not an idle boast.