US Navy Careers Website,, Announces Launch Of New Navy Career Planning Report

Navy jobs website,, has launched a brand new report titled ‘Planning Your Navy Career that is designed to give jobseekers a good idea of what to expect in the Navy.

Online PR News – 18-November-2009 – – LA QUINTA, CA - Leading US Navy career information and jobs website, has announced the launch of a brand new report titled 'Planning Your Navy Career'. The new report is designed to give jobseekers and new recruits a brief but accurate idea of what to expect from a career in the Navy. is a leading website for Navy jobs and Navy career advice and information. The website provides job seekers and new recruits a variety of career related resources including but not limited to job boards, articles, and informative reports. It aims to encourage the general population to experience the benefits of a career in the US Navy. In keeping with the website's purpose of providing top quality information about the US Navy, the new report is designed to help new recruits understand what a Navy career is all about and why it is definitely worth considering.

The complete report is available online at:

"At we aim to provide job seekers with as much information as possible about Navy careers and the 'Planning Your Navy Career' report is a good place to start. It helps people understand why a career in the Navy is a wise choice in the current climate of economic turbulence and helps them plan and prepare for a rewarding career in the US Navy," says Larry Fowler of

The report urges job seekers to consider a career in the Navy, highlighting the fact that the Navy continues to offer exciting job prospects and benefits while most other employers are cutting back. To help Navy career hopefuls understand the process involved in planning a Navy career, the report clearly details the steps involved, starting with arranging a meeting with a Navy recruiter. The recruiter then helps hopefuls understands the demands of Navy life and the various options available to a potential Navy recruit.

The report also talks about the various benefits the Navy offers including free food, accommodations, a clothing allowance, and medical and dental benefits. Navy benefits easily surpass benefits offered by most other jobs. Last but not the least, the report helps new recruits understand the rigorous Navy training process and encourages them to mentally and physically prepare for Basic Training.

“In a brief and concise manner, this report comprehensively covers all the basic information one needs when considering a career in the Navy. We have tried to educate and encourage at the same time and hope more job seekers will want to join the Navy after reading this report,” concludes Fowler.

About is a recruitment and careers website for the US Navy. In addition to providing valuable Navy career advice, the site provides information about career opportunities in the Navy and features job openings in a variety of fields within the Navy. Information about Navy enlistment is also available.

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